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Islam is Paganism!

A Muslim cleric in London recently derided the major ceremonial rites of Christianity as based on pagan rituals. Most notably Christmas (winter solstice) and Easter (vernal equinox). The Mullah apparently is unaware of how very much the philosophy of the so-called prophet relies on pagan rituals. Here are just a few:

The Kaaba was originally built as a temple to the Moon-god.

The pre-Islamic Arab tribes gave the Moon-god different names and titles.

Among these names and titles were Sin, Hubul, Ilumquh, and Al-ilah.

The title al-ilah (the god) was used as the Moon-god.

"Allah" is derived from al-ilah.

The pagan god Allah was considered to be among the top gods in the pantheon of pagan deities.

Allah was openly worshipped at the pegan Kaaba.

The pegan Meccans placed a statue of Hubul, the Moon-god, atop the Kaaba. This symbol became the ubiquitous crescent moon seen throughout the Muslim world today.

The title Allah eventually replaced Hubul as the name of the Moon god.

The House of Allah, as the Kaaba was then known, recognized the three daughters of Allah: al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat as dieties.

The Qur'an, so-called holy book of Muhammad, at one time decreed that Muslims must worship al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat.

That verse, Surah 53:19-20, has been abrogated from the Qur'an, as have the others listed, are now known collectively as The SATANIC VERSES!

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