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Hal Lewis blows lid off Global Warming Scam

Here is one man from academia the activists will love. Hal Lewis, Professor Emeritus of the American Physical Society (APS) resigned in disgust over the ‘Global Warming Scam’. Lewis gave up his cushy job and stepped forth to reveal how the billions of dollars being pumped into the system had corrupted scientists.

Top physicist Hal Lewis said that the climate change scam is the biggest ” pseudoscientific fraud” he has seen in his illustrious career. The global warming brouhaha was to pull the wool over the people’s eyes, a rogue trend that had eaten into the integrity of the American Physical Society. He refered to the ClimateGate documents as proof of the billion dollar dupe, which has also been compiled in Montford’s book on the subject.

In a letter to the American Physical Society published by UK’s Telegraph, Hal Lewis reviles fellow physicists wedded to show me the money research, with lucre being the driving force , as Eisenhower has warned against.

Professor Lewis , in his letter, harks back to the glorious days when he chaired the Reactor Safety Study by the APS and scientists gave an impartial thesis under immense pressure and derision from corporate money-bags. He hailed the unimpeachable scholarly credentials of the erstwhile oversight committee which has eminent physicists like Pief Panofsky, Hans Bethe, and Vicki Weisskopf.

He branded the APS a sell-out ,saying it was a shame to be part of the corruption-ridden institution, and that he was forced to hand in a resignation, given the current situation.

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