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TROLLS (6/6): The Low Cyber Self-Esteem Guy

The Guy Who Everyone Hates but Who Never Leaves...

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Every online community seems to have a person or people who don't fit in. They are ridiculed constantly.

You may figure they are no different than the picked-on nerd in high school, but unlike that kid who always gets squished into a locker, these people are free to leave the website at any time they choose.But they don't.
In Real Life it's Called...

Self-Abasement and/or Attention Seeking Behavior.

Someone with the need for self-abasement feels that they should be perpetually punished for their wrongdoings.

They're like the albino that whipped himself in The Da Vinci Code novel, but instead of drawing blood they draw "Fuck you LIBTARD" comments.

If taken to an extreme, it can even turn into Online Erotic Humiliation where the abuse turns into sexual arousal. So the next time you tell someone to go fuck themselves, you might have just given them the material to do so.

More common than that is ATTENTION SEEkinG Behavior, which every person who's ever spent just one evening with a child will be familiar with... The outcast, like the child, knows that hate is not the opposite of love, apathy is. All that negative attention is still attention!, and the abuse is still several steps better than being ignored.They hate being ignored more than anything else.

Added: Jul-9-2009 
By: Songun
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