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Megyn Kelly Eviscerates Gloria Allred

Megyn Kelly Eviscerates Gloria Allred

Forget Hugh Hewitt, forget Mark Levin, even forget Greta Van Susteren, Megyn Kelly eviscerated Gloria Allredt during her show today. My wife always tries to tell me that you get more bees with honey than vinegar, and that's what Kelly did. She politely asked questions that boxed Allred into a corner, making the attorney for "b-list wannabes" look like the politically-driven animal she is, simply by picking apart each one of her claims

Kelly was determined to find out whether Allred's charges against Meg Whitman were politically motivated and Allred's answers (or lack of answers) proved that they were. Kelly's first punch was asking Allred how she got Nicky Diaz-Santillan as a client. The Democratic Party Activist/Lawyer replied that it was through a referral from another attorney, but when Kelly asked who Allred replied that in her 35 years of being an attorney she never gave out the names of people who referred clients to her. That answer made sense, but when the Fox News host asked if the person who referred Ms.Diaz to the camera hogging lawyer was connected to the Brown campaign she still refused to answer. Kelly pointed out it was not a breach of ethics or attorney client privilege to give a yes or now answer to that question, but Allred still refused to answer.

Allred's non-answer was the same as admitting that she did get the Diaz story from Jerry Brown. Does anybody doubt that if the person who referred the nanny to Allred had nothing to do with the Jerry Brown's campaign she would have said so?

One of Ms. Allred's charges against the Whitmans was they "abused" Ms. Diaz forcing her to work more than her 15 hours a week. Then the Fox Host directed the questioning toward the whether or not Ms. Diaz ever told the Whitmans that she objected to those times when she worked more than those 15 hours? Allred hemmed and hawed before she answered no she never complained, but once she had told them she worked more than her 15 hours and they that she would have to prioritize. Horrible isn't it? That's when Ms. Kelly reminded Allred that without Diaz saying that she objected there was no case.

There's more; Kelly asks Allred why she even brought up the letter about social security when it has little to do with her case and reminded Allred that under California Law it was illegal for the Whitmans to question Ms. Diaz on her immigration status once she claimed that she was indeed in the country legally.

Ms. Allred has done it again, each time she opens her mouth she makes more clear that, like many of her cases, this case is all nonsense, a blatant case of creating a fake scandal to try and influence a political campaign.

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