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Things Libertarians Believe In

All authority figures are good unless they are called "the government."

Drugs are good.

Abortions are bad because they take away the baby's freedoms!

Social security is bad.

Federal government is bad, State government is good

Pedophilia is good.

Guns are totally good, unless used by the government and it's contractors.

Homosexuality is good but gay marriage is not good because it'll be legalized by the evil, nasty government.

The death penalty is bad (but only if it's carried out by the government)

The free market is the ultimate good.

People who say they are conservative but are really Republicans are "neocon" liars.

People who say they are liberal but are really
Democrats are "socialist" liars.

Privatization is good.

Unions are bad.

Smoking is good. Tobacco companies are friends.

Ayn Rand is God (though she hates libertarians, but hey, who doesn't?)

Somalia is the best country on earth

The mailman is a government employee and must be gunned down with an AK-47 for setting foot on your property.

Ron Paul is Jesus, Bob Barr is God.

Wearing seatbelts is bad.

Paying taxes is a sin, unless those taxes go in to making video games like America's Army.

Agnosticism is good because religions and atheism are too altruistic and therefore hamper capitalism.

The Democrats and Republicans don't have our best interest at heart but conglomerates do!

The only honorable way to die is in a shootout with the cops.

Paying taxes to the government is bad. Paying utilities to companies is sexy.

Traffic lights are bad because they're social engineering.

Celebration of Furridom

Worship capitalism as the only freedom loving philosophy but refuse to pay for stuff, because open source is the ONLY way!

No business would ever desire increased government power. Halliburton who?

Police do not have the right to stop a parent from killing their kid, but the cops need to be involved when a baby boy is getting circumcised!

Outlawing spam e-mail is a grave threat to liberty

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are infallible, and amendments are bad (especially the 14th and 16th)

Democracy is evil because America is only a republic!

The best way to respect individuality is to let those who are useless to society starve to death.

If you cast a shadow on someone else's lawn, you're trespassing.

If a plane flies over your house, they're trespassing. (Seriously, look it up).

It's okay to eat babies so long as they're your own kids.

Taxation is theft. Charging rent is not.

The genius of the free market is that both the rich and poor get the choice of paying for expensive health care or dying.

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