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Home and personal Emf protection

Electromagnetic Fields are a part of our modern daily lives. This is caused by the artificial current (AC) that surrounds us every day. Magnetic Fields are more common in the home than electrical currents, any plug or wire carrying a current produces an electromagnetic field. This AC is different from the Earth’s current and the current it produces causes adverse effects in our bodies at a cellular level. Experts believe that our cells expend more energy to protect themselves from these fields. This drains our energy and leads to fatigue; this can especially affect children while they are in their formative years, so they need to be protected against it. Every member of your family is likely to need personal protection and also an additional Household protection device depending on the strength of the fields. No product can completely eliminate these fields, but you can decrease it drastically with the use of the appropriate EMF protection such as product like these .

The law of resonance is the key to the concept of EMF protectors . This allows us to become more tuned into the Direct Current (DC) which is beneficial to us and protects against negative influences. This concept shows us how to ground ourselves and allows harmful AC’s, which have been accumulated in our bodies, to flow downwards and earth. At the same time it allows us to absorb the healing energy of the DC from the earth. This helps us regain energy that has been lost in protecting ourselves against the damages inflicted. The electromagnetic fields caused by the AC grid cause us constant subliminal stress; by ensuring that you have a source of protection from fields this cause of stress is eliminated.

Energy transference can be pointed out as the possible cause of three of the major health crises facing our society at this point in time. They are stress induced arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and Depression. They are caused and/or exacerbated by the fact that three of the different types ions that govern the functionality of cells: potassium, lithium and calcium are drawn out of cells and distributed to various parts of the body. Places where they were never intended to be distributed to. The movement of calcium from cells to the areas between joints leads to the build up that is arthritis, a disease which daily destroys many people’s quality of life, people both young and old. The loss of potassium from cells is the major cause of Alzheimer’s disease since it is responsible for a large part of the memory functions of the brain along with many other mental functions. The loss of lithium from cells is the cause of Depression and manic behavior since it is regulates hormone levels. These insidious diseases are caused by the occurrence of these electromagnetic fields all around us. They can be prevented and/or cured by the use of the appropriate EMF protection devices .

One of the premium examples of the protection is the Qlink, this is a pendant that will help to recharge your bio-shield while you continue with your daily life. The Q-link helps to increase your resilience to the effects of stress in our daily lives as well as strengthening your functioning capacity to combat the effects of being in an environment that is constantly inundated with the electromagnetic fields.

We are bringing you the latest and most effective protection technology in products that can be used around the home, office, in the car or worn. For a full product listing-

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