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Loco Mash Up, The Directors Cut

in the beginning (c1870's) there weren't any camera's around to film and record the infrastructure being constructed, it was left to wood-cut artists to capture for posterity the epic work of this bunch of men, often hard drinking Irish men whom had just came from the cutting of the canals which ran the length of the country, they were the Navigators.

I wanted to list details of the pictures but there are so many we'd be here till next week. Suffice to say, they record the building of the Stockton and Darlington railway, and the opening ceremonies. The wood drawings record the rock cutting work, the massive earthworks cut by these men to take the track from Liverpool to Manchester, all dug by hand and shovel. The tunnels were constructed using only candlelight, 120 years later they are still open with 100 mph expresses roaring through.

eventually, the photographs appear. The early pictures of the youth of the nation going off by the trainload in such fine form to Kill The Boche is poignant in the extreme. The Governing Classes had told these patriotic young men that it would all be over by Christmas.
That The Hun would run as soon as they saw all the gallant men from the Dales and Countryside of northern England coming towards them .. None of them knew what awaited them in the fields of northern France and Belgium.

stick with it for soon the video clips emerge - if only for the music, grab your favourite relaxant, shoo the kids away, close the door and turn up the volume , you may just like the music if nothing else.

the observant among us might recognise the odd clips which have been in other posts but, this *is* a Mash-Up - fill ya boots!

(sorry but it's probably only for the seasoned and experienced LiveLeaker who has the where-with-all to tackle such edifying structures such as this - and emerge in one piece unscathed and refreshed, well, I made the last bit up, but hey, who cares!)

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