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'Locked-in' man Tony Nicklinson loses his right-to-die.

Video clip reports the courts acknowledgement that Tony Nicklinson has the right to challenge the present UK law regarding an individuals right to die in March 2012. Today he lost that case.

Locked-in' campaigner Tony Nicklinson broke down in tears as judges refused his landmark right-to-die case today.

Three judges sitting in London unanimously agreed that it would be wrong for
the court to depart from the long-established legal position that
"voluntary euthanasia is murder, however understandable the motives may

Tony Nicklinson, who has locked in syndrome, breaks down and cries as he hears the result from the High Court (Picture: …

They said doctors and solicitors who aided another person's suicide were "at real risk of prosecution".

They described Mr Nicklinson's case as 'deeply moving and tragic' but ruled the current law did not breach human rights.

Mr Nicklinson, from Melksham, Wiltshire, suffered a catastrophic stroke which left paralysed in 2005.

Speaking through his computer - which is controlled by blinking and head
movements - the father-of-two, 58, vowed to appeal the decision.

He said: "Judges, like politicians, are happiest when they can avoid
confronting the real issues and this judgement is no exception to the

"I believe that the legal team acting on my behalf are
prepared to go all the way on this but unfortunately for me it means yet
another period of physical discomfort, misery and mental anguish while
we find out who controls my life, me or the state."

Wife Jane, 56, who cares full-time for her husband, added: "The judgement is
incredibly one-sided, the only points they seem to have considered are
the points put forward by the opposition.

"We have been told we have grounds for an appeal. It just seems that all the points we put forward have really been ignored.

"You can see Tony is absolutely heartbroken. We always knew it was a big ask
but we always hoped that the judges would see sense but quite clearly
they haven't.

"The next step will be that we will appeal. Hopefully we will get a hearing by Christmas. It is just more waiting for Tony.

"Tony either has to carry on living like this, or he dies of natural causes or by starving himself.

"We could go to Switzerland but it is very expensive and he doesn't see why
the hell he has to go to another country to die in an industrial

By Simon Garner
Yahoo! News

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