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The Death of America and The Rise of The New World Order

America is under attack, not from terrorists but from within. A new
world order has been established and is determined to bring about a one
world government and one world religous system in which you must accept
the mark of the beast in order to buy or sell, in other words, no mark =
certain death. We will soon find ourselves at war with the russians in
world war 3 and this is the war needed by the global elite to get the
world to accept this global world dictatorship. The Bible predicted this
all over 2500 years ago. Forget secular sources, you cant get the full
story without going to the source, the Word of God that detailed all
this coming upon us long before Alex Jones. The financial crisis we find
ourselves in today is all part of a long running plan for global
domination. Wake up America! Get right with God while there is still
time. What's coming upon the world is not survivable. Even if you manage
to survive without the mark, you will find yourself face to face with
God, are you ready for that?

Credit to " chaosmucker ".

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By: Jermains7
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  • Why mention revalations? The book was written about the Romans and emperor Nero. It was not meant for our time. Maybe it can be applied to our time as well. But know that it is more likely that people deliberately follow the pattern of revalations, for whatever reason. A sick thrill or something, maybe they believe they are part of it.

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