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Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Crash Video

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Lisa Lopez was a singer in an R&B band TLC. Better known
by her stage name “Left Eye”, Lisa Lopez got her stage name because she’d be
wearing a pair of glasses with condom in place of the lens on her “left eye”.
This was meant to promote safe sex practices. On April 25, 2002 Lisa Lopez
crashed rented Mitsubishi Pajero which she was driving in La Ceiba, Honduras.
She was the driver and the only casualty out of 10 people inside (some reports
say there were 10 people in the vehicle, other say there were 8). As TLC girls
often filmed themselves during off stage activities, the camera was rolling
while they were driving so the death of Lisa Lopez is captured on the video. An
autopsy photo leaked on the internet shortly after her death which caused a lot
of controversy.Lisa Lopez was just a month short of being 31 year old when
the death caught her on the road in Honduras. She was driving the minivan with
9 passenger when she lost control over the vehicle, got off the road, vehicle
rolled over several times throwing Lisa Lopez out through the window. She died
instantly as result of head trauma. All other people who were in a car survived
the car crash, Lisa Lopez was the only fatality.

In a video recorded just prior to car crash, Lisa Lopez is
seen passing a Coca Cola box to the passengers in the rear when everyone starts
to scream and the vehicle is seen approaching side of the road. The video then
goes blank as if the camera turned off during the crash.

The Lisa Lopez death video as seen below was taken from a
VH1 feature entitled The Last Days of Left Eye. I’m guessing there was more on
the video, but they cut the goriest part out and left only enough to deliver
the message, but not to completely upset the fans. Since “The Last Days of Left
Eye” is the documentary about the last days of Lisa Lopez, it was put together
to celebrate her life and as such has not caused outrage – despite footage
showing last second of her life, immediately before the fatal crash in
Honduras. What did cause outrage were leaked autopsy photos – as seen above.
When I first saw the picture I didn’t find it too graphic at all, but then I
realized that perhaps average public out there finds two droplets of blood
viciously gory and an autopsy picture with a little dried blood and bruises on
girl’s forehead is extreme.

If you take a look at the death video and compare it with
the autopsy photo, you will notice that Lisa Lopez was wearing black tank top
during car crash, but she was dressed into some form of pink pajamas with cute
monkeys. Perhaps this was her favorite piece of garment that she’d loved since
she was a child or meant something for her in other way. I do not exactly know
why she was dressed in the PJs for her autopsy, but it’s one of the things that
easily noticeable.

I have re-watched the video over several times but was
unable to come up with clear reason as to why she’d drive off the road. I don’t
think she was drunk and if the only reason was that she took off her eyes off
the road and was unable to regain balance, then I’d just have to settle with
the fact that she was a lousy driver. This seemed entirely preventable to me.
Unless there was something we don’t see in the video, perhaps something that
nobody else has seen, only Lisa Lopez herself. Perhaps whatever she saw made
her want to drive off the road and kill herself. It’s all guesswork right now.

Added: Apr-29-2013 Occurred On: Apr-25-2002
By: Brittany Golden
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