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The Bin Laden Story They Don't Want You to See
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Is Bin Laden's Death a Psy-Op to Expand War on Pakistan?

By now you know Osama Bin Laden was recently killed by US Special Forces in Pakistan. He was supposedly living the high life there with the rich and super rich of that country.

But wait a minute.

We know for years that the Bin Laden Videos that were released to frighten a gullible public were faked.

As I previously wrote a few years back:

The fake Bin Laden videos likely point to one of 2 things. Either Bin Laden is dead or working with the CIA.

It is well known that Bin Laden suffered serious kidney disease that required dialysis. For years America and the world has been subjected to a string of phony shape shifting Bin Ladens. As a matter of fact, Bin Laden shape shifting videos changed so much over the years that I quit paying attention to them. Bin Laden would go from emaciated and sickly as he appeared before 9/11 to a rather rotund, healthy Bin Laden as he appeared many times after 9/11. Then over a period of years Bin Laden's nose and facial structure would keep changing along with his weight. Last I checked, Bin Laden looked younger and is now at a healthy, normal weight. Or perhaps the black beard he sports is just a dye job and he is good at hiding his excess poundage.

So have you ever wondered how a sickly, emaciated man that was dying (from all serious reports) of kidney disease before 9/11 could become a robust and healthy man that could jump through the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan with a single bound (yes, kind of like super man)?

So have I

Now some in the intelligence field think the fake videos mean that he is dead.

If Bin Laden is dead then why doesn't the American government declare him dead and the Bin Laden videos fake?

Surely American intelligence has the ability to determine those videos fake. It would be a great psychological boost to the American people to know that the arch nemesis of the West is dead.

But perhaps there are other reasons for keeping a dead Bin Laden alive.

The war on terror needs the grand figure head of terror. The war needs a monster to scare Americans into a fighting frenzy. The war really needs a scary Bin Laden monster, or someone like him, to justify terror wars for decades. Incidentally, US intelligence estimates that there are only about a hundred Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. So with a teeny weeny bitsy organization like Al Qaeda you need a good front man.

But there may be some slight chance that Bin Laden is alive. If he were alive, then he would most likely declare the fake videos a fake and make a real video.

So if he is alive, why doesn't he make a real video?

It is well known that for years Bin Laden worked for the CIA in Afghanistan. The CIA and all Western Intelligence agencies infiltrate opposition groups and place their people in the highest levels of leadership. For instance, one of the most feared torturers and a top leader for the Irish Republican Army actually worked for Britain's most elite army services.

So given Bin Laden's background as a previous CIA asset, it is easy to see how he still is working for the boys and doesn't mind that his face and shape keep changing on those phony videos.

But my vote goes to Bin Laden being dead. The photos before 9/11 showed a very sickly person and it is not likely that he could have jumped around the mountains carrying a dialysis machine evading the most sophisticated intelligence and technology for nearly a decade.

So next time you see a fat robust Bin Laden or you see a Bin Laden at a fairly healthy weight, no matter how scared you may be, just keep repeating to yourself that it is only a video.

The real Bin Laden has likely been buried years ago or is working for our own government.

By Grant Lawrence


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