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The Real Archimech Part 1 of 4

The Real Archimech:

For those of you who know me as the big shit talker on LL.
Friends and enemies alike. I know I am a bastard, so read on.
I would like you to get to know me better and understand me a little, so bear with me, even if you think it sounds crazy. I hope some of you unblock me after this, and I want you to know I never block anything because I believe in free speech with all my heart. I will tell you more about myself than anyone else dares to do here, so read on.

I was born in Los Angeles before 1970.
I was adopted by a loving Jewish family when I was 3 days old.
My natural parents were separated by the Vietnam war.
My natural mother was a nurse, and my natural father was serving in the Navy at the time, so they were not married and lost touch with each other eventually.
My grandfather, who worked for Central Intelligence, could not have a bastard son on his record and forced my mother to put me up for adoption.
My natural mother and father are Christians, thus making me one by default.
I am half Scottish and half Cherokee, which makes me the man here in the US.
My adopted family had it's issues with divorce, but they still cared for me greatly and raised me as a Jew, where I learned about the religion and learned to speak some Hebrew. I never liked it much though, I was always wondering why and never getting answers. I remained a critical thinker from early on. I questioned everything, everyday, but I loved the traditions I was raised with because it brought the family together, like in every religion.
We never went to Synagogue or were religious at all except on holidays, where we celebrated ancient traditions. I had both Christmas and Hanukkah when I was brought up.
I went to school in Beverly Hills, though my family was not wealthy by any means, just fortunate to live there. My parents worked very hard. My mother was an artist, and my father taught music theory at UCLA.
I went to High School at The Bev, where I learned about racial hatred firsthand.
I was spit on by newly planted Iranians and called Koskesh, or asshole all the time.
I learned about how people can really hate you when they don't even know you.
They drove their expensive cars, when all I could afford was a small Mitsubishi.
I worked every day after school in a gas station while in high school.
Anyway, not to bore you, let's move on.
I went to college at UCSB, UCLA, SB City College, and the Southern California Institute of Architecture. I studied economics, psychology, history, engineering physics, computer programming, art, and architecure. I spent almost 13 years in colleges and never earned a degree because I had a problem with authority, plus it bored me and I kept having new interests, like robotics and Information Technology and Social Engineering.
I built a HERO 1 Heathkit Robot when I was 14 from scratch kit parts.
I programmed it in Assembly Language using only Hexadecimal and a tape recorder to record audio data cassettes.
I programmed it to move chess pieces with me, pick up coke cans, and patrol our house at night with intrusion sensors, as well as to talk and converse with people based on the audio sensor inflection input.
I have a measured IQ of 165 at age 10. I hacked the high school unix computer while I was in elementary school using a stolen password and looked at peoples grades. My only hack to date. I became less interested with hacking and more with assembling computers and mastering software and operating systems.
I was a Mentally Gifted Minor in my elementary school, where I was pulled out of classes to go play chess and explore computer systems on our school teletype terminal. I was never good with rubix cube algorithms , but my best friends could solve it in under a minute, the record being 13 seconds.
I was on the High School Academic Decathlon team as a group C backup.
I took lots of drugs in my old days and learned not to mess with my brain too much.
I had an appetite for knowledge always, as real life seemed very stale and boring.
I watched TV for 12 hours a day sometimes when I was a kid, like Star Trek, Space 1999, Benny Hill at night, Paul Hogan, and always the news channels.
I read hundreds and hundreds of books by many worldly authors.
I love Charles Dickens, Aldous Huxley, H.G. Wells, Larry Niven, and George Orwell the most.

End Part 1 of 4.

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