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Male teacher asked female students to strip naked to take test

He was a teacher at a medical school of a university in Hunan and asked female students to strip all clothes off to take test on physical examination course or they would all fail. The students argued that checking in the crotch didn't need to take off all clothes and the teacher was not supposed to touch the sensitive parts. The school said they started to investigate the complaint.

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Recently, Hunan Province, one in college students in the online posting said the male teacher in the school held a practical examination, the examiner of the mandatory number of female students exposed private parts to take the exam. That in the end is what kind of exam girls naked relatively?

"We have a physical examination exam, a total of 21 examinations, only three to undress. Set of examiner of a Chinese teacher, male teachers, but also their own hands to touch." This passage is from a university campus in Hunan Province a post in the BBS, QQ mood of the female students of the school Chuanshan College nursing profession. From the post, we know that the male teacher who examiner named in Xiaohua, is within the child women of the College of Nursing Department of the teacher. A seemingly unusual exam, and how we should strip map, but also hands-on touch?"

For today's examination of the physical examination, a variety of silent all kinds want to die as the male teacher, the endless girls undress chest to check, not afraid of hands cut off," Many students were crying, really the can not figure out how this teacher ", which is June 19 care professional before the other two girls next point internship, participate in organized by the school hands-on training in the QQ signature expressed the mood

Investigative reporter learned that the physical exam that morning, had 21 examinations. But the usual Yu Xiaohua teacher did not let them draw lots topics, the examination item directly from him as a chest inspection and palpation of the inguinal lymph nodes, and requires that all girls must strip naked examination or test scores recorded as zero. "Either take off, or hang up", "If I take things too hard, it must be a sick teacher to get the" posts of female students shocking.

Students reflected in the examination of the girls all have to undress, and no obvious fault of the students in the exam are also going to make-up make-up of the project or the palpation of the inguinal lymph nodes, all stripped pants. This medical examination, or otherwise attempt? This approach Xiaohua teacher, talking about the campus. The students believe that this teacher would be improper and contrary to morality.

This matter came to light through the network, the school leadership attaches great importance to the first time to set up a special investigation team, and specifically to investigate this with the campus obscene event. Schools will Xiaohua removed from teaching positions, and to give the sanction of his probation, administrative demerits, but also requires an apology to the parties Xiaohua.

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