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Lies about LL Users to make a Point?

Making up lies about LL Users to make a point does not really make much sense to me. I try to be patient, but I figured it was time to respond to one and expose the truth of the matter. Sorry, but the truth will set you free and send a republican to jail. Just the facts.
The Republican Conspiracy Theory National Archives
[URL=""]The National Enquirer[/URL]
[URL=""]The Examiner[/URL]

Republicans Being MORAL!!
$1.2 Million Study Proves Conservatives are CRAZY

World Public Opinion.ORG
Bush's 10% Doubt Card
Free Speech Video on LiveLeak" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">No One Suffers More than THEIR President
Birth of a Republican Revealed

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

The War in Iraq Costs, the US Government Congressional Record at the Library of Congress

History of God's Chosen Men

Military DOT COM'

KoolAid Drinker -
The Koolaid comment comes from the Steadfast, Foolhardy, Stupid, Blind following of a Leader. There was a Leader in the past, he was a "righteous" man, he was a "man of God", a messenger to his people, a "savior from the Lord", and he led his people to a place in Guyana. While he was being such a man of God, and so very holy, when it looked like he was going to get in trouble, he laced Koolaid with Cyanide and his followers drank it and died. They gave it to their Children, they died hugging each other because their Leader was going to take them to Heaven, and show them the Holy Way. When in fact all he was doing was running away from responsibility. He didn't drink the Koolaid, he shot himself in the Head like a Good Holy Man does when he's caught doing something he shouldn't. His name was Jim Jones, you can look him up. And the Koolaid reference is a direct reference to the blind faith that some of the republicans put in Bush, because he's a "man of God", he's "holy", he "speaks to God" and has all this Holy Stuff about him.

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Added: Apr-29-2007 
By: bobsworld
Iraq, Your Say
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