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Portrait of a Genocide Man: Peter Musurlian

What is called the Armenian genocide has been indoctrinated into the hearts and minds of many Armenians through parents, schools and churches. As a result, too many lose reason and behave little differently than religious fanatics. This video serves as a powerful exposé into the inner workings of the minds of such believers.

When Tennessean Congressman Steve Cohen decided to not support the Ar More..menian Genocide Resolution, genocide-believing activist Armenians set him in their sights. His opponent in the next election received financial support from this wealthy segment of U.S. society, and Filmmaker Peter Musurlian of Globalist Films traveled from Glendale, California to Memphis, in order to hound the congressman, and try and discredit the "denier" any way he could. The irony was that it's not even clear whether Congressman Cohen even disagrees that there was an Armenian genocide; given all the propaganda he has absorbed as a member of Western society. The main reason why Rep. Cohen went against the resolution was because he did his congressional duty, to put the interests of his nation first. (Given the risk that Turkey might withdraw essential support for the U.S. war in Iraq, as a reprisal.) When the nation came to be aware of the utter foolishness of this resolution, even congressional members from California, fully in step with their powerful Armenian constituents, realized they needed to withdraw support as well; given Muruslian's rules, those such as Nancy Pelosi therefore became "deniers" as well.

When an emotionally shaken Rep. Cohen rudely and rightly escorted this genocide fanatic from his own home, Musurlian did not hold back in going after the congressman with extreme prejudice. He prepared a video (and promises to prepare another), representing himself as an innocent "journalist," and proclaiming the congressman everything from "mentally unsound" to a "racist." Intense genocide believers feel they have license to smear the reputations of their victims, regardless of the facts.

"Portrait of a Genocide Man: Peter Musurlian" not only examines these events and Mr. Musurlian's hostile actions, but examines why such an intelligent man would forsake his civility with such single-minded determination. What is it that has taken such extreme hold of his senses, this great passion that has affected and corrupted the minds of so many young Armenians, allowing them to behave in the most racist and dishonest and malicious manner, as may easily be determined in Internet forums such as YouTube? Armenians murdered many more Turks and Muslims during this tragic and inhuman time of history, in a true campaign for systematic extermination, a side of the story the propaganda-accepting West is unaware and uncaring of. These hundreds of thousands victimized by the brutality of Armenians are generally held in contempt by Mr. Musurlian, during the rare times he bothers to acknowledge them. Yet because he is a "denier," no Turkish person is going to hate him, nor will it occur to any Turkish person to take a video camera and hound Mr. Musurlian at his doorstep, as Mr. Musurlian feels compelled in spending his own money and time to do.

What is called the Armenian genocide is a touchy and controversial subject, and dogmatic believers may flag this video, despite its not being in violation of Liveleak's policies. Fortunately, Liveleak strives to be fair and open-minded; flaggers, keep in mind, from Liveleak's FAQ: "On some sites flagging is used to silence the opinions of others. Multiple flags for this purpose will result in nothing more than the person or persons indulging in this being banned from the site. We will not tolerate attempts to silence opinions or media that are within our rules."

Care has been taken so as not to infringe upon Mr. Musurlian's copyrighted material, primarily using parts not owned by the filmmaker, as news show clips and photographs. A handful of screenshots, sound bits and clips showing "genocide" photographs have been used, in order to demonstrate Mr. Musurlian's standards and practices, and the only partial clips incorporated were Assemblyman Krekorian's pronouncement of no Turks masssacred by Armenians, necessary to highlight the man's unethical partisanship, as well as a few shots showcasing genocide hatred being passed on to innocent Armenian children. These constitute Fair Use, under section 107 of US Copyright Law; the viewer is invited to watch Mr. Musurlian's original videos, in order to better make a judgment on the fairness of this presentation:

Congressman Steve Cohen (Bigot & Memphis Drama Queen) aka: "The Verbal-Hate-Crime Incumbent" - Watch Cohen drown in ethnic slurs, genocide denial & physical violence against a journalist. Will he be censured by Congress? Call your Rep!

Armenian Genocide? Krekorian Reams Turks @ Consulate in L.A.

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