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Deaf man says goodbye with online message

Turns out that the below story is a hoax. link :
(Thanks goes to the rexman03 and punch69 for letting us know.)

"A 24-year-old deaf quadriplegic man from California has penned a farewell letter to his loved ones after he realised he was dying.

David Rose, who was born with cerebal palsy and other disabilities and had never been able to hear, wrote the letter when he was diagnosed with pneumonia.He asked his sister to post it online for him if he died.

When he died last week, the message was posted to his blog and it quickly went viral online.

In the letter he said his main question was whether there would be sound in heaven.

Rose was a frequent user of social media, posting tweets and blog posts using a Tobii computer that read his visual instructions.Below is his final letter in full:

By: David Rose

Posted: Monday, October 8 2012

today I found out i have pneumonia.

it not the nice kind either, where you cough for few days then go home and have ice cream.

it the bad kind where you probably donot go home

it kick ass on able bodied people who go gym and can lift cars! so i do
not know what going happen to me, i have never been to a gym and have
been in 2 comas. although second one was very nice because i had silly
dreams, mostly about my best friend kate.

but in my life i have 3 friends have severe cp like me and got this kind
pneumonia. they went to hospital because they have it and never came
home. first was girl name tabitha we only 10 year old she was same
class as me in special school. that was hard because i did not
understand why she never came back i was too young and growing up deaf
it hard for teachers explain things like that. i did not understand what
happen to her until a few years later.

when i 17 have friend name john in my rec group. he had bad cough one
day and they took him to hospital. i never saw him again. he used to run
his motor chair into me and we both laugh. no one do that since john.

Last was a nice lady name ellen few years ago. she was older than me
about 35 and live in place i live and had bad cough one day so they take
her to hospital. i miss ellen, she had a nice smile.

so i am write this today and ask nichole that if everything be fine in a
week then trash this and i will write a funny new post with lot of boob
jokes in it. but if i not be around in a week then publish this. so if
you read this now it because i am not around anymore so there are people
i want to thank and few things want to say.

first of all want to ask if there is sound in heaven. i guess there is
but not sure if i want it! here on earth i been happy to be deaf and
nobody seem to be very good at describe what is sound, so i have not
miss it. but i guess if that part of the deal then i have to take what i
get! say a message for me and maybe i will hear it! or maybe angels
know asl i bet they do they are pretty smart lol

i have message for a few other people now.

mom i love you. best mom ever! nichole you know i love you. best sister
ever! thank both you for put your lives on hold so many times for me.

nichole please be happy. you will not find it in a guy or in alcohol.
you find it in yourself and need learn love yourself again. you can do
that without my help now. what happen to you is old news and it time for
fresh new life! please do what you been wanting do for long time. you
know what is that! i will be watching and make sure you do it and be

dad i forgive you and i love you. thank you for come to see me.

thank you aides and teachers. don ursula paul samuel tim douglas nady
chloe anthony jennifer robyn cassie and hal. lot of people also who i
cannot even think names right now. you are wonderful people who make
lives better. i would have been in trouble without help from you!

i have some good friends name robbie kenny lucinda david (another one
haha!) geri bruce maxwell karen chris thomas drew william rose and lot
more. you all are awesome people and make me smile. kenny i hope someday
you get to see a pretty face. i want you have all my taylor swift music
on the dvd and listen to her. i already watch it hundred times so maybe
it need someone hear it! robbie can have taylor posters. someone tell
him it not really her it just a picture of her. silly robbie.

thank you amy brie taylor katie spencer and husband aaron camille and
kennerly (harp angels!) dylan bowser brason ve sidsi pedersen vai song
amanda. samantha jane meghan melunatic (haha). zoph renne charisse hogan
tegan melissa misty and sommer. you have flung love and hope at me for
long time using internet! some of you on other side of a big ocean i do
not know if you have to fling harder but you did great job lol.

i have recent friends dont know very well but they awesome. thank you
erin willett and samson! erin your broken heart will heal but not until
you let it. i hope angels look like you, i bet they do! sarah hill you
are crazy silly i love you! please stay silly, stay strong, and always
love. go bears! kylie thank you for give sarah kisses for me lol i wish i
could myself omg. thank you miss sara dani jessica shyli elizabetta
matt jess h kathleen kyle kimber travis nicole krook kyla savanna nurse
jennifer! you make the world awesome.sorry if leave anyone out. am try
not to but hard remember names.

thank you kate vickery. you are special. you are loved by me. i will
miss you. keep looking for what make you happy do not give up ever.
ever. ever! you and me meet up later tell me how it went. ok? but not
for very long time lol! you are very young. punk.

i learn in a short life that what make the world special are good people
like all you. otherwise it just be boring blue rock zipping around the
sun looking for trouble. you are all special. all of you unique! love
each other and make each other smile. a good joke is good medicine! make
sure everyone around you have a smile ok? always do what is right.
always! but forgive yourself if you forget sometimes

i have to go now. i love you all. i really do. you are amazing. i will never forget you!

david "

Sounded like a top bloke to me. RIP David : (

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