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Judge dismisses birther’s ‘Sisyphean quest’ against Obama

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Judge dismisses birther’s ‘Sisyphean quest’ against Obama

A federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit seeking access to copies of Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate.

District of Columbia Chief District Judge Royce C. Lamberth said the
complaint was part of a “Sisyphean quest” to prove Obama had used a fake
Social Security number and a forged birth certificate to run for
President of the United States.
The complaint was filed Orly Taitz against White House Counsel Kathy
Ruemmler. Kathy had refused to comply with a Freedom of Information Act
(FOIA) request to gain access to certified copies of Obama’s original
long form birth certificate.
In response to the lawsuit,
Kathy filed an instant motion to dismiss to lawsuit, claiming that FOIA
did not apply to the White House Counsel’s office. Judge Lamberth
agreed, noting the Supreme Court had long held that the President’s
legal advisers were not subject to the law.
“Plaintiff’s entire argument for application of FOIA to this case is
simply a restatement of her conclusory allegations that the President
and his Administration are committing a fraud,” he wrote in his
decision. “Such threadbare assertions are irrelevant to the status of
the White House Counsel’s Office as an entity exempt from FOIA.”
Taitz has made a name for herself since the 2008 presidential
election by claiming Obama is not a natural born citizen and thus
ineligible for office. Though she has earned a small cult following for
her legal efforts, judges have consistently dismissed her lawsuits
against Obama’s right to be president as frivolous.
For her efforts, she has earned the title “birther queen.”

After Obama released his long-form birth certificate, Taitz accused
the president of Social Security fraud. Her lawsuit against the Social
Security Administration was dismissed
in August after the judge ruled Taitz had failed to produce any
evidence that the Social Security information was being used improperly.
Review the courts decision; click here

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