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Courage in Iran

It is well known that many of the people of Iran, especially those living in the capital, don't exactly see eye to eye with the tyrannical muslim government that has been isolating the country from the world for decades now.

This picture illustrates this better than any I have seen before. We have all seen and heard about the "moral police", rounding up women. Reports of other fanatical muslim atrocities have been happening there for years. Women being killed for being the victims of rape. The government charging these women with "adultery" when it becomes known that the rapist is a married man.

Most of us watched and heard Ahmonkeynajad speak to students in the US, and claiming that Iran has no homosexuals. We laughed, but that was not really a laughing matter, since those found to be homosexual, are hung in the streets.

People need to understand that the government, and the people of Iran don't agree in the policy and position of the government. The people would rather have more western influence. It is only the very poor, living in the provinces, and indoctrinated into the islamic shar'ia laws that support the government today.

War is coming to Iran, and the people will be the one's who suffer. We should support any and all forms of revolution against the clerics, and their puppet government, or there will be great bloodshed in that nation.

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