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West Berlin - In the Shadow of the Wall 1962

'The meaning of Berlin today' ...the headlines read. it was 1962, an 'Iron Curtain' running from the Baltic to the Black Sea had descended across Europe.

the original txt accompanying the film is repo'd below;

In The Shadow Of The Wall (1962) British Public Information Films.

Sponsor: Central Office of Information for Foreign Office

Telling the tale of two Berlin's, this propaganda film was produced to help Britons understand why the East German Communist authorities constructed the Berlin Wall in 1961. After the unsuccessful attempt to expel Western powers from Berlin in 1948-49, the sustained presence of the West in the city greatly irritated the Communist system. The existence of Western zones in Berlin, and the free access for Berliners to travel between both capitalist and communist zones, enabled many East Germans to defect. By 1961, around 3 million people had migrated from East to West.

This was a major coup for the West as these people were leaving the communist system for a better life in the capitalist West. The number of refugees that had fled to the West by 1961 represented about one-sixth of East Germany’s population. On August 12th 1961 a record 4,000 people made their way to West Berlin to start a new life in the West. This pushed the East German authorities into doing something. On 13 August 1961, barbed wire barricades went up, dividing the city.

Claiming that Western powers were using Berlin as a centre for spying, Communist authorities described the barricades as an "anti-fascist protection barrier" that kept spies out. Instantly movement of military and civilian personnel was restricted. As a permanent concrete wall reinforced the barbed wire barricades, there was international outrage. US and Soviet tanks faced each other in Berlin, and for a short while a hot war rather than the accepted Cold War seemed to becoming a reality. In the end, however, all sides accepted the wall. Although President Kennedy was deeply critical of the wall, even he pointed out that 'a wall is a lot better than a war’.

For many people the Berlin Wall was seen as the iconic symbol of the Cold War.
However, in 1989, after years of physical division, Berliners from both East and West dismantled sections of the Wall as restrictions on movement and communist repression were unexpectedly lifted. The fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 was regarded as the beginning of the end of the Cold War, and contributed to the eventual collapse of Soviet Union in 1991, some 30 years after the Wall was first built.

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By: thecleaner001
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  • Good upload and it amazes me how people who are to the Left of politics in Europe are still in denial at how brutal Communism was to its own very people.

    Posted Oct-29-2012 By 

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    • wow, that was some film, to many people born in the last 20 years or so many know little about any of this or care. for most of us it was a real living thing, strange how things move on isn't it.
      this was a film sent to me on cd from anglosaxon.

      Posted Oct-29-2012 By 

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    • @thecleaner001 I was 14 yrs old when Communism was finally abolished from Eastern Europe i remember the Romanian uprising really well and how people where so happy to be out of them shitholes they had been living in but now for some strange reason people want it back? but not only that they want to be told what to do and say by Islamic Extremists fucks.

      Posted Oct-30-2012 By 

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  • nice post. amzing old shots of Berlin in there. the only thing you can recognise now is Brandenberg Gate, the rest is all modern thriving metropolis

    Posted Oct-29-2012 By 

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  • .......all ways entertaining. Thank you.

    Posted Jan-26-2014 By 

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