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Mom Surprised When Baby Comes Out During Bath

1/22/2008 A Madisonville, Kentucky, woman knew she would probably give birth to her twins early, but not this quickly.

Mom wasn't quite ready when the babies wanted to come. In fact, she was in the bathtub. Advertisement

On Thursday, Eva Adcock had gone to visit her sister in Owensboro who just had a baby in the hospital there. Little did she know, her babies would be born the very same day as their cousin, but under far more unusual circumstance.

Post-delivery, 24-year-old Eva Adcock is in more pain now than she was on Thursday when she was actually in labor, unbeknownst to her.

Eva Adcock says, "I thought, it doesn't hurt that bad, it can't be labor. I mean labor's supposed to hurt."

It did hurt enough that she thought taking a bath would be make her feel more comfortable. Eva says, "As soon as I stood up out of the bathtub, she fell out."

Lee Ann Adcock, Eva's sister, says, "She screamed. I thought it was like a bug or something. Then I heard her scream again. She usually doesn't scream twice in a row. So I just barged in the door and she was just standing there holding a baby. I was like (look of shock)."

Eva says, "I told her, 'Call 911.'"

Lee Ann says, "The ambulance was like, 'Calm down!' and I was liken Nno, I am not calming down.'"

Eva says, "We were both screaming. We didn't know what to do."

Luckily, first responders did. Police arrived at the house within minutes followed by paramedics.

Tim Martin, paramedic, says, "First thing we did was just suction the nose and the mouth and got the baby to cry, clamped the umbilical cord, cut it and just quickly left with the baby as the other crew took care of the mother."

Weighing in at 2 pounds 5 ounces, Chloe Adcock went right to the neonatal intensive care unit.

Mom went into surgery, because even though she was having contractions, the other baby was in a breech position and would need a c-section delivery.

Clark Adcock was born 55 minutes after his sister and was seven tenths of an ounce heavier.

Lee Ann says, "After she came out of surgery and I saw her, I thought, 'Well, I could not have panicked as much.'"

But there had been plenty of reason to worry back at the house.

Tim Martin says, "I really believe in another two or three minutes that child not having any oxygen would have died."

So while Eva likes having a funny story to tell about the birth of her twins, what's better is being able to tell both of them one day.

Eva says, "I'm just happy that they're ok."

It wasn't just the babies who were in danger of dying. Mom had lost lots of blood in the bathtub. Luckily, her sister was there to call 911.

She was in town for the baby shower that ended up having to be held at the hospital.

By the way, Chloe and Clark are named after characters in "Smallville."

That's Eva's favorite show and what she was watching before she decided to take the bath that changed her life.

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