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SYRIA TIMELINE OF EVENT JAN31, from 7am to 3pm - Compilation from terrorist media sources, 7 videos included. 
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Idlib: Almost 50 combatants killed in intense clashes on the highway area checkpoints. 12 were foreign fighters, one was Nusra commander.
Mercenary terrorist legions deployed to the battle: al-Nusra Front, Ahrar al-Sham and Liwa’ Dawood.
JAN31 3:26pm / Terrorists report - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Damasus suburbs (south); Qadam: Fierce clashes between FSA and SA forces near Qadam telephone centre.
JAN31 3:18pm / Terrorists report

Daraya groves burning under intense clashes - southwest suburbs of Damascus:;feature=player_embedded

Aleppo: Clashes between FSA and SA near the first roundabout in Ashrafya neighborhood.
JAN31 3:09pm / Terrorists report

Terrorist’s tank shelling in the battle to invade Harasta:;feature=player_embedded#!

Damascus suburbs; Harasta: Mosques minarets announce the start of the “Battle of Spring Mujahideen”, to conquer the city of Harasta.
JAN31 12:47pm / Terrorists report

Raqqa; al-Tabaqa: SAF airstrikes on terrorist spots.
JAN31 12:06pm / Terrorists report

Daraa; Khirbit Ghazaleh: SA shelling on terrorist spots.
JAN31 10:43am / Terrorists report

Aleppo (south); Sheik Saeed district: Ground battle ongoing and SAF airstrikes on terrorist spots.
JAN31 10:33am / Terrorists report

Daraa; Nawa: Terrorists attack SA Checkpoints. Intense gunfire ongoing.
JAN31 10:15am / Terrorists report

Damascus (Eastern suburbs); Madaira: SA rocket shelling targeting terrorist spots.
JAN31 10:15am / Terrorists report

Damascus suburbs; Arbeen - Alajami and Alhaddaeq neighborhoods: Terrorists clash with security forces around the Motor Vehicles Department. Fierce clashes coupled with mortar and Tank shelling.
Terrorists said they fired more than 100 mortar shells into the premises of the Military Vehicles Department in the town of Harasta causing extensive material damage and leaving a number of regime soldiers dead and wounded.
JAN31 9:40am / Terrorists report

Daraa; Khorbat Ghazala: Fierce SA artillery shelling on terrorist spots. 8 shells reported until now.
JAN31 9:38am / Terrorists report

Dar’aa; Albalad: Intense gunfire ongoing.
JAN31 9:31am / Terrorists report

Homs; Arrastan: SA forces shell terrorists with heavy artillery and rocketlaunchers.
JAN31 9:30am / Terrorists report

Damascus Rural: SA advancing in Harran Alawameed town from the direction of Alkafreen. Fierce clashes with FSA terrorists reported.
JAN31 9:29am / Terrorists report

Dar’aa; Kherbet Ghazaleh: Fierce clashes near Damascus-Dar’aa highway. SA tanks shelling terrorist gangs in the area.
JAN31 9:29am / Terrorists report

Aleppo; Alaazamia neighborhood: Fierce clashes reported.
JAN31 9:28am / Terrorists report

Damascus suburbs; Harasta: Clashes between SA and FSA in Ajamy and Gardens district. SA shell terrorist frontlines with artillery and rockets.
JAN31 9:23am / Terrorists report

Daraa; Busra Harir: Fierce clashes reported in the city between the FSA gangs and Syrian Army.
JAN31 9:13am / Terrorists report

Damascus suburbs; Darayya: Massive SA reinforcements arrive in the southern neighborhoods of Damascus, including Damascus–Daraa Highway area to confront ongoing terrorists operantion branded “The Battle to Support of Darayya” aimed to try to save the terrorist remnants encircled there, avoid the imminet colapse of the region and eventually retake the lost ground. *Interesting to close follow how this battle develop in the next days.
JAN31 8:59am / Terrorists report

Israel Aircrafts reported to be flying over Wady Alyarmouk after clashes broke out in the area.
JAN31 8:11am / Terrorists report

SA shelling a terrorist gathering near Abu Baker Alsedek mosque in Alnoayma:;

Terrorist sniped by SA in Daraa-Almahata:;;

SA BMP being targeted by small arms fire:

Terrorist’s tank in action - Idlib suburbs:;

*All videos from terrorist sources

Old Homs neighborhoods: Mortar shelling reported. *Not clear if SA or Terrorist.
JAN31 7:42am / Terrorists report

Damascus; Southern neighborhoods: SA intense bombardment on terrorist positions. Sounds heard all across the capital.
JAN31 7:40am / Terrorists report

Aleppo: Intense clashes between the Free Army and SA in the neighborhood of Nile Street, Mogambo, Tishreen, around Muhallab Barracks, Jam’eyat Al-Zahraa’, and around the Airforce Intelligence Department were reported and explosions were heard in these areas.
JAN31 7:10am / Terrorists report

Terrorist fatalities report for JAN31:
Damascus and Suburbs: 42
Homs 29
Aleppo 25
Idlib 14
Hama 7
Daraa 6
Deir Azzour 4
Raqa 3
Dozens more injured

Terrorists report they shelled Damascus Airport with rocket launchers. In Idlib they report they bombarded with military tanks, heavy artillery and mortar shells Syrian Gov. targets in the city of al-Nerab.
JAN31 6:55am / Terrorists report

FSA (CIA?) terrorist comment about Israeli airstrikes:
“I think we can expect more Israeli strikes. FSA just needs to keep to conventional warfare and stay away from the CW sites – let Israel handle that.
From terrorist blog JAN31

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