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Grozny 1995, Valentine Janus Records His Death While Filming Combat

Soldier Alexander P. Osadchy, a Major of the Russian 76th Airborne Division guided journalist Valentine Janus deep into the ruins of Grozny an urban combat war zone to obtain combat footage. Both men were killed by sniper fire. Below is the a translation of the dialogue.


Narrator: Our Operator Valentine Janus and two VDV officer guides set out to the Presidential Palace, which shortly prior to this saw the fiercest fighting.

VDV Guide: You have to run across while ducking and with pace.

Journalist: Zigzaging?

Guide: No need to zigzag just duck and run.

Inaudible Guide Runs across the road

Guide 2: Was that (shooting) at you?

Guide 1: Nah, nah, its alright. Ill cover now. Go

Shooting Journalist and Guide 2 run across

----Film Cuts To them near a Brick Wall.----

Guide 1: We will stand here, observe how this block gets shot, which side owns what and then we dash across. Its safe to stand here, we can be safe all the way up to the first Shilka (Mobile AA), but after that its completely fucked.

Journalist: From where can we see the Parliament Building, even a tiny bit.

Guides: You can’t see it from here, we can go into that 5 storey building, from there we will get a good view.

Journalist: Is that 5 storey ours?

Guide 2: Ours. Yeah must be ours.

Journalist: Ok, tell me where they are hitting us from.

Guide 1: From those buildings, and from this tower they are wasting us, at the end of the street on the corner. Ok lets go.

Guide 1 Runs along the side of the building, rest follow

-----Scene Cut Next to Shilka-----

Guide 1 (to driver): Can you move up and give us cover while we cross?

Guide 2: He cant get through there is a tree

Shilka moves a few feet Inaudible speak

Guide 1: Look, One, two three, three BMPs taken out all next to each other. They got whole coulumn.

----Scene Cut Next Further Down the Street---

Tanks shooting “Maybe we get higher up?” They run across open ground to hide behind the BMP

Guide1: Ok here we can go inside see the wounded

Journalist: Lets go have a look.

Guide1: Wait, sniper? Sit! sit! sit! sit here. Background swearing and tank fire

They run inside

Guide: Are there wounded here or have they got picked up already.

Soldiers: Most gone, we got one here.

Guide 1: One wounded?

Soldiers: Yes one. Inaudible

Guide: Where were you hit?

Soldier: In the arm

Guide: In the arm? When?

Soldier: Yesterday, around lunch time.

Guide: Lunch time? Why are you not evacuated?

Soldier: It took a long time to break out from the encirclement

Guide: Where were you sitting?

Soldier: In the 9-storey

Guide: You from the 6th company? Ah you are airborne?

Soldier: Yes

----Scene Cut To Outside Behind BMP----

Guide: Yeah, the fuck can we do? They are not letting up.

Guide2: Whack them from the tank until the whole tower comes down.

Guide1: Ok, we run across past the shed and after that its safe.

Journalist: And then we go around from the right?

Guide1: Ill show you when we get to that shed. (To soldier) Hey, cover us from the armour; fucking hit them good so we can go.

They run across past the shed to a squad crouching behind armour.“More wounded inside”

Journalist (To platoon commnder): Hello, nice to meet you.

-----Cut to view from window----

Journalist: That one is ours? (Big white tower block)

Gunner: Should be ours, one hour the airborne holds it then they Chechen's take it back, and so back and forth. Who the fuck knows. And from that house (red 5 story) they are constantly pounding us.Inaudible Yeah its burned up good, constantly the Chechen's keep retaking it and we keep burning them out. The airborne takes it, then at night the Chechen's return to upper floors and start wasting us with RPG's and hand grenades, then they get driven back. It seems the airborne is holding it again. From that white house and from the palace there is constant machine gun fire, and the this whole area is open to it. No matter how much we keep blowing them away, with underbarrel grenades and machine guns, its no use. That’s the conference center, small building attachment, from there my BMP was hit, she was first in the column – Yeah you can look out here, there she is – Just as we moved round this corner they took out the lead armour, though the crew survived. And our tanks stand here (on the corner) shooting a bit.-Hey pass the machine gun here.- And they are constantly shooting here, they hit an APC there, the gunner did not make it, the ammunition ignited and blew up. Ok so film here, this is the transitional building and there is the red building, it’s a shit view though.

Journalist: Nah, its good. I can zoom in.

Gunner: Yeah from that house there is constant sniper and RPG fire. Well what can I say…at least we aren't bored here.

Tries to cock machinegun

Gunner: Ah this fucking thing is getting on my nerves alreadyMachinegun Fire

------Scene Cut to outside the building------Journalist standing next to Guide1

Guide1:We are standing here on- near the Rosa-Luxemburg street.

Journalist: Are we both in the shot? (Yeah) Well thanks to this commander (Guide1) Sasha is his name, what is your full rank?

Guide1: Deputy commander, Major of the 76th Airborne Division.

Journalist: Well all these points which I have got through in Grozny today, I am very grateful to him and consider him to be one of the authors of the film which one day will hopefully will be made from this footage. Thank you very much. He took me through the hottest fighting points, well maybe not for him, but for me they seemed hot. It is my first time in this type of surroundings, its hard, scary, but Im proud that we have soldiers like this.

-----Scene Cut To Them Navigating Streets-----

Narrator: Just a few minutes afterwards, TV operator and journalist Valentine Janus and his front-line guide Aleksandr Osadchy, Major of the 76 Airborne Division were killed. They died from sniper fire almost at the same time.

Guide1: We will stop by that BMP, you see there? No we run up to that pipe. See that pipe? Until the pipe, behind the BMP, because there is a little hill. Get down behind the hill. We talk there.

Journalist: Ok, Im going. Starts Running

Guide2: Duck! Duck!

1st bullet wounds Journalist, he stops

Guides run up to him, Guide2 runs forwards, Guide 1 stops

2nd bullet hits Journalist

Journalist: He killed me. He killed me. Damn, he hit me. Wait no don’t.

Guide1: Where, where you hit?

Journalist: I’ll run by myself.

Guide1: Where are you hit?

Journalist: Ill run over there, one sec.

Guide1: We must run. We must get out of here.

3rd Bullet hits Journalist

Journalist: Aiii, that’s it (it’s the end), he killed me.

Guide 1 is killed

During the first Chechen war (94'-96') 20 journalists were killed , 36 were injured, 24 were kidnapped, 9 are missing to this day. These men were well aware of the risks. We should never take for granted what it takes to bring footage out of a war zone and into the public's eyes. Nor should we take for granted the nature of war and all of those it affects. To us who weren't there we should be objective and open minded as possible when viewing such material because there is nothing we can add to what happened all we can do is learn from it.

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