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Last night I presented Mark Souder 3rd District Congressman for N.E. Indiana with the question, can Hate Crime Laws can be used against Patriots like us who want to Restrict , who want to Limit the Government, and who want Accountabilty in Government , go after Patriots like us who want to keep our Government in line who believes this is a prime tactic.

I didn't get the full answer recoreded because the disk space was full and died.

Will you see your picture at the post office?

The taxpayer-supported Southern Poverty Law Center is at it again... this time they have created profiles on Patriots.,0

The hate law is also meant to "prevent" hate crimes. This suggests a federal mandate to discourage the biased thoughts and words which the government views ascausing hate crimes. The Matthew Shepherd Hate Crimes Prevention Act is also meant to
prosecute hate crimes "and for other purposes"-known only to its framer, ADL.

The ADL just produced a 20-page report, "Violent Voices: Anti-Government Extremism Takes on New Intensity." The report gives examples of "hate speech" now proliferating on the internet and suggests these words will lead to violence. ADL says, "We are deeply concerned about the current trend and about the fact that a significant minority is coming to believe that methods of
peaceful protest have failed and the time has come where violence may be
necessary or justified. If this trend continues, the Hutaree arrests may come to be seen not as the culmination, but rather as the first step in a necessary and significant national law enforcement operation. "

Our Right to "Threaten" Government Freedom of speech and conscience should mean that if Americans believe a member of Congress truly betrayed our nation and Constitution they have the right to say so. In the early
1950s, Americans demanded the execution of atomic spies Julius and Ethel
Rosenberg. Today, they have the same right to the opinion that, following due
process, execution of a treasonous public official is justified. A government guilty of treason also deserves a violent end. This last, desperate option is upheld by the Constitution, and millions now believe revolution may be publicly advocated.

Contrary to ADL's depiction of such verbal sentiment as unlawful, this view springs primarily from patriotic conviction, not "hate." Although countless Americans may now hold this opinion, it does not mean they intend to imminently execute traitors. It is not in the same category as sending an email to one's Congressman, threatening to kill him at his next town hall meeting. Yet if ADL is successful in making slurs indictable, soon all who "threaten" government officials through "uncivil" speech could be viewed as hate criminals. Several years ago, a Canadian angrily emailed his Member of Parliament for permitting excessive immigration. The MP filed hate crimes charges under ADL's Canadian hate laws, and the charges were upheld.

Since the number of Americans now uttering "seditious" sentiments is so large, ADL is clearly beginning to condition the public to believe that sweeping legislative action and prosecution may be necessary to preserve order.

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