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Two US soldiers raped Japanese woman in Okinawa

They also attacked the woman in the head. The local residents have been protesting against US bases in Okinawa for many years.

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Japanese officials and the public on the 17th severely reprimanded two U.S. soldiers raped a Japanese woman, urged the U.S. side to serious discipline. The Okinawa local councilors and the public once again requires the removal of U.S. military bases.

Installment of "crazy"

Chung, Shinko was 17, well, Okinawa Prefecture, to meet in the capital, Tokyo, and Defense Minister Morimoto sensitive condemned the two U.S. 16 on suspicion of rape in Okinawa, a Japanese women, the word "crazy".

Chung Ino told Morimoto, the central government must be "strongly demanded that the U.S. government with the Japanese police investigation, and serious Gangji.

Morimoto respond to the event as "extremely harsh nature, in any case unacceptable". The Japanese side will require the United States to strengthen measures, serious discipline, to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.

Chung Ino second consecutive day to meet with Morimoto. The day before, he referred to Morimoto, a document, signed by the local government leaders in Okinawa, asked the Japanese government to reduce the burden of U.S. military bases to Okinawa.

Chung Ino stressed, a U.S. Marines in Okinawa in August indecency of a Japanese women, two months after the occurrence of such event. Morimoto replied, "only that the teachings of the U.S. military (the military)."

Chung Ino told reporters: "No matter how claims (U.S. reside in Japan) is essential for Japan's national security, we can not accept this event."


The two U.S. soldiers were named Christopher Browning and Schuyler · 多齐尔沃克, are 23 years of age, under the United States, Texas Wosibaohai military air base.

They allegedly raped a 20-age group of women, and injuring the other neck on the road in the early morning of the 16th. Japan's Jiji news agency quoted the words of the Okinawan police reports, the two men tried to strike up a conversation with the victim, the other did not ignore them trailing and violence. Japanese media previously reported that before the incident, two U.S. soldiers had drunk.

Okinawa police on the 17th to the gang rape of injury charges transferred the two prosecutors in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture.多齐尔沃克 admit violence, rather Browning denied that.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said the incident "intolerable". Japanese Foreign Vice-Minister of the State of Kira Secretary summoned U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos on the morning of the 17th, to protest to the U.S. side.

Andrews told reporters the United States will provide a "comprehensive, thorough and clear" cooperative investigation of two soldiers suspected of rape cases. He said, to understand the anger of the Japanese side of the incident, he is equally angry. The U.S. government and the military will continue to make every effort to win the trust of the people of Okinawa and Japan.

In addition, Ruth the day at the embassy in Japan and Okinawa Governor Chung wells really met. Chung Ino said Andrews apologized to the U.S. military suspected rape incident.

Japan's Kyodo News quoted the words of an official of the U.S. Department of Defense reported that the U.S. military "seriously" the incident, "U.S. forces stationed in Japan to focus on co-operation and support," the Japanese side survey.

Promote troop withdrawal

About half of the 47,000 troops stationed in Japan stationed in Okinawa. U.S. soldiers in Okinawa rape, lewd women and disturbing event on many occasions, the local population has been strongly demands the removal of U.S. military bases.

Regardless of the Okinawa local governments and the public strongly opposed to type 12 U.S. MV-22 type "Osprey" tiltrotor aircraft stationed in Okinawa Futenma base this month and intensify the mood of the local anti-U.S. military bases.

Anci Fu Guang, aged 66, had participated in the anti-the base sit-in rally. Incidents of rape, he told Kyodo News reporter: "The U.S. military seems to Okinawa as a colonial or occupying land suffered another female rights trampled on U.S. military bases here, the people of Okinawa has been true, must immediately withdraw all U.S. military bases."

Japan the Senator 糸 number Keiko 17, said the request of the withdrawal of U.S. military bases from Okinawa and the army will be the Government of Japan and the United States as well as county governor Chung really well. She and civic groups "day of the leaders of the anti-base and army women's action will" Ghauri the bell-generation people in Okinawa Prefectural Government held a press conference. Participant said, "had enough of life accompanied with the danger. U.S. military should be the immediate withdrawal".

High inside the bell on behalf of the 16th angrily said: "Any excuse useless as long as the base, there is violence. U.S. forces of tyranny."

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