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USA at war (again)

What is it with USA,
that makes them go to war every 10-20 years?

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+ Reasoning +

= Reasons =

I will skip the
"we fight for freedom and liberty
for the entire world" part.
I am not a child to believe this stuff,
neither are you.
And I will discuss the more serious reasons.

One basic reason obviously is the war industry.
They make money out of war,
and will do anything to promote another one.

One other reason might be geostrategic,
economical, etc.
.In Vietnam they said, they wanted to
stop the expansion of communism.
.In Panama, it's obvious.
The control of the canal is very important,
in military terms, in trade as well.
.In first oil (Iraq) war,
they wanted to stop evil Saddam
from taking the oil of Kuwait.
.In second oil (Iraq) war,
they wanted to take the Iraqi oil,

And of course there is always
the "set an example" reason.
Remind them of who's in charge.

= Objections =

Yes, but at the same time,
aren't all these wars weakening USA?

Wouldn't it be better and smarter
for US to spend all that money
and effort in another way.
For example "economical development".
Or in "bribery", in foreign policy.
(That's what the Byzantine empire did,
and lasted for more than a thousand years)

And at the same time, making so many enemies.
That's bad in politics, defense etc.

But is also bad for business.
The "peace industry" looses markets this way.
All the "enemies" wouldn't want
to buy american products.

So, are the American masters that stupid,
or is there another, deeper reason?

I think, there is one more important reason.

= The other reason =

. I have seen, in videos,
how eager the everyday Americans are
in bombing Iran, and, at the same time,
point Australia on the map
(thinking that that's where Iran is)
. I have seen in various forums on the Internet,
how eager the everyday Americans are
in swearing and calling other people names.
. And of course, there is the all time
American hero: Superman.
A person that lives the life of a "yes man",
and when he goes to bed,
dreams of being some kind of
powerful superhero that everyone admires.
All these sum up in one word in my mind:

I think the Americans are very oppressed people.

And every oppressive system/establishment
needs a sub-class that will take all that oppression.
That will make the oppressed masses/majority feel
"stronger than" and "more powerful than",
and forget their own oppression.
A scape goat in a sense.

The Roman empire had used the Christians.
The Ottoman empire had used the Christians, too.
The Nazis had the Jews and the "undesirables".
The Americans had the black slaves,
but for various reasons
using them is not that possible anymore.

Conclusion (End)

So, I conclude that the American masters,
need their oppressed masses
to let out steam every now and then,
so that they won't rebel against them.

Like a child that is oftenly beaten
by it's parents,
and since it is too weak
to rebel against them,
it "punishes" cats and dogs,
and takes it's anger on them.
The establishment makes sure
to provide that kid
with weak cats and dogs.

So, even when (or "if") America will loose this war,
I think in 10-20 years, they will start a new one.

The defeat won't teach them anything other,
but to take up against a weaker enemy,
next time.


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