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7 Bil used to Con Weak Minded to Serve in Military

85% of US Troops recruited will serve in war zones. Would Americans agree that 7 Billion of their tax dollars be used to con weak minded youth into serving the offshore corporate banksters out to enslave the world, kill as many "unwanted" people as possible, imprison citizens without charges, rip us all off, and make profits by the fistful?

Rob Kall interviews Debra Sweet on these issues and more. More info:

Is it safe to protest in the USA? Does the US Constitution still apply?

This theme expanded in a blog post:

Should the US taxpayers fund illegal wars of occupation in Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and in other countries. Should US taxpayers fund the CIA, FBI, and State Police to ensure that heroin and cocaine are trafficked worldwide? Why are US taxpayers paying to fund an illegal war in Columbia to protect cocaine drug lords making illegal money for black operations and for the profit of insiders?

Independent Media out of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York City are working to expose what is going on, along with citizens all over. We are also working on independent films, not spewing the corporate bankster propaganda message. Clips to be loaded on liveleak by this author in the future. You don't have to be Alex Jones or Jesse Ventura to get the truth out. Check above link for information on Fema Camps, censorship, and what the US doesn't want the world to know.

If you tip the FBI off to White Collar Crime, bankster activity, corporate fraud, and/or organized crime, drug, or other illegal activity should the FBI target the tipster for false arrest, set-up, and illegal detention as a political prisoner? Well that just might be the case:

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By: SvenVonErick
Iraq, Afghanistan, Citizen Journalism
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