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In the last 4 months 75 planes transferred 3000 tons of weapons for Syrian rebels
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This is a fast translation from Croatian newspaper (Jutarnji List). When I say fast, it means I translated it in a hurry because it is pretty late here in Croatia. I give you the source where you can see videos.

In the last 4 months 75 planes transfered 3000 tons of weapons for Syrian soldiers.
Zagreb became the international center for weapon delivery
for Syrian rebels,

From November last year till February this year (2013) 75
plains left Pleso (Zagreb international airport) to deliver weapon for Syrian
rebels, finds Jutarnji list (Croatian newspaper) from diplomatic sources. These
plains, together with Croatian weapons, delivered the weapons from other
European countries, which was organized by United States of America.

According to the sources, first two to three deliveries were
done by Turkish Cargo (Turkish Airlines) and was continued by Jordanian
International Air Cargo. Delivery started after several months ago after the
Croatian ambassador in USA, Joško Paro made a deal last summer with American

Recently, it was held that he (Joško Paro) made a deal to
get rid of obsolete (old) weapons and have it delivered to Syrian rebels, as was
stated by New York Times. But, according to reliable diplomatic sources, the
plan of arming Syrian rebels had a much
broader context.

American officials gathered its partners – Croatia, Saudi
Arabia, Jordan and Turkey to arm Syrian government opposition. The United States
organized a collection of weapons, Saudi Arabia paid for it, and Jordan and
Turkey were transporting weapons that are then transferred from the Jordanian
territory to Syria.

Croatia's role was twofold. It is part of their surplus
weapons - rocket launchers M79 and RPG-22, hand grenade launchers RBG-6 and M60
recoilless guns singled from their warehouse. Unknown quantity of weapons went to
Syria in early November last year from the Zagreb Pleso with Turkish A310
planes. However, to Pleso were delivered weapons from several European
countries, including Britain, which then transport planes Jordanian
International Cargo shipped to Jordan and then to Syria.

So one could say that Pleso was an international hub for
transporting weapons to Syrian rebels for a few months. As the planes used for
transport were A310 and Ilyushin 76MF, it is estimated that over 75 flights
transported about 3000 tons of various weapons and munitions. The delivery of large
quantities of weapons to rebels in Syria can be confirmed by the footage posted
on YouTube where rebels praise new types of weapons, which were in their
possession. According to Western media, these weapons to Syria has arrived in
the organization of Americans and Turks.

As our sources claim, the whole operation of transport
weapons from Pleso became a safety concern after inquiries from Bosnia about large
number of flights by Jordanian company from Zagreb. According to our sources,
it is questionable how many weapons came into the hands of the Syrian Free
Army, supported by the West, and how much in the hands of various militant
jihadist movements, which were estimated to be several dozens to battle Assad's
forces and several to be supported by Iran and Hezbollah.

According to recently released recordings on YouTube, some
of the weapons that are considered to be from the Croatian military warehouses,
ended up in the hands jihadi movement Ahram al-Sham. This was confirmed by
their spokesperson, who said that they share a weapon with the free Syrian

According to some reports, the weapon that came over Zagreb
in Syria, even reached the hands Yarmouk Martyr brigade, who seized 20 Filipino
members of the UN who in the Golan Heights two days ago. The fact that the
weapons could end up in the hands of members of the militant movement,
supported by Iran and Hezbollah, frightens Western politicians the most, and
most of them insist that the EU embargo on the import of weapons to Syria
continue to remain in force. The embargo was supported by Croatia, and formally Croatia didn't break it with this operation because the weapons were sold to Jordan.

In the story, Croatia has proven to be a reliable partner of
the United States. Washington has played a crucial role in the process of
Croatian accession to NATO and the European Union now. In addition, the U.S.
Department of Defense largely equipped with weapons and supports the Croatian
Army in Afghanistan and provides free transportation of our troops to the ISAF
mission. Therefore, it is clear that Croatia as a faithful ally responded positively
to the U.S. request to participate in the operation of supply of weapons to

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