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The Costa Rican government took down "cocaine shark" ring in a matter of days.

In sharp contrast to the suspicious attitude assumed to this day by the Mexican President, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and his corrupt security apparatus, the government of Costa Rica has carried out, since yesterday, arrests, searches, intervention and prosecution of companies linked to drug traffickers sending nearly a ton of pure cocaine that was in the belly of frozen sharks, and was found in Puerto Progreso, Yucatan, last Tuesday.
Incidentally, this fact confirmed that the remote terminal is Yucatan's main port of entry for huge volumes of drugs that are distributed and consumed here and in other parts of Mexico, his was confirmed by documents seized in Costa Rica.
After meeting the sezure of 894 kilograms of cocaine in Progreso, from Costa Rica, the Judicial Investigation (OIJ) of that country informed that the research was done against some of the members of this criminal network that were responsible for sending and introducing narcotics to Mexico, deploying on Thursday and Friday dawn yesterday a vast operation that culminated with raids on several properties and the arrest of five people, including the supplier of sharks "Tenería Caribbean International", Sigifredo Ceciliana Gamboa and the company's accountant.
Information provided by the government and collected by the Costa Rican newspaper "La Nacion", indicate that Sigifredo Ceciliana, became, from being a simple traffic police man, to a prominent businessman, he was being investigated since 2006.
The Costa Rican government had evidence that Sigifredo, one of the key figures in the business of "narco-shark," was "washing" the money through his company.
This subject purchased some boats with resources from the drug trade, a sector for which he worked, he obtained a fishing permit to fish for shark in national waters, but violated the law because he systematically reached to Ecuador, although not precisely to engage in fishing, but to engage in the trafficking of drugs.
The sharks were unloaded at the "Pacific Dolphins" dock, which were subsequently stuffed with cocaine.
Sigifredo owned "Inverciones La Orca" company, and his wife, Ana Segura Nancy, was in charge of business management while Sigifredo made contact and tethers for the operations to capture the sharks and the transport and transshipment of narcotics.
According to investigations, the Mexican Francisco Pozos Lepe used the company to perform Sigifredo shipments since 2007, because at that time he had no export permits.
The costa Rican government had detected only the inexplicable enrichment of Sigifredo, but still lacked data that would lead to assume that was into the drug trafficking business. The subject told the authorities he had a monthly income of 125 thousand colones (local currency), about $ 215 U.S DOLlARS, something ridiculous for anyone who owned a fleet of boats.
The investigation came to light that Sigfrido had under his ownership, as well as boats, vehicles, land, businesses and several companies associated with the fishing activity.
Statements by the director of the OIJ, Jorge Rojas, indicate that the government came to Francisco Pozos through Sigifredo Lepe, because almost all the sharks caught by him was sold to Pozos, who sated that "he sold the meat as fillets, and that, another mexican identified only as "Jorge", allegedly a Francisco's partner, use the skin to manufacture wallets and belts."
With such data, on Thursday, the antinarcotics police raided several properties and a dock that was used by Pozos Lepe for covert operations.
Sigifredo Ceciliana was arrested yesterday at the Costa Rica's capital, "Juan Santamaría" international airport, when he intended to fly to Quito, Ecuador, allegedly to take care of two vessels that were detained.
Mrs Viviana Segura, Sigifredo alleged sister-in-law, was also arrested for her implications on the export of sharks.
Police also captured the "Tenería Caribbean International"s accountant, Bernal Jiménez Moraga and Jean Michael Guzman, a partner of Pozos Lepe, who was arrested in a town bordering Panama, where he was traying to hide.
The agents were already looking for Francisco Pozos, but apparently he left Costa Rica in May 15 and went to Mexico to take charge of receiving a shipment of sharks.
The government of Costa Rica remains searching for other accomplices of the Mexican Pozos Lepe, because in the company are also listed as founders or partners: as well as Bernal and Michael, Ronald Aguilar González and Rigoberto Meza Syrian.

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