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Israel Unveils New Second Generation Combat Robots Capable of Reaching Iran

Codename: Terminator

Tel Aviv:
Deep in the heart of Israel at one of thirty brand new top secret underground combot and drone bases, General Schlomo Ziv introduced the worlds first fully operational second generation combat robot code named Terminator, today March 5th.
General Ziv who is 6'0" tall looked positively Lilliputian while proudly standing next to the 9' tall, 890 lbs Terminator More.. he affectionately nicknamed Moishe.
In the thrilling demonstration of cutting edge robotics and computing power, General Ziv commanded his Terminator Moishe to fetch the car the car the General used to attend the event. In one terrifying lightening fast forty plus foot leap, Moishe the Terminator grabbed the 5000Lbs plus Mercedes in one hand and one fully armored Merkava Tank in the other and started juggling both objects 20' in the air while doing the famous Cossack dance.
The audience was mesmerized and completely silent except for the occasional ooohs and ahhhhhs throughout the demo. The audience was a who's who of world dignitaries and military leaders.
Current mission duty cycle gives the Terminator 60 day mission endurance while running at full power 24/7.

Retired United States General Tommy Johnson called the Israeli combot the most lethal and devastating weapons advance of the last century. Ret. General Johnson said these fully autonomous combots can be dropped on the border of Iran and they will automatically execute their kill and destroy missions with extreme prejudice for anyone who attempts to block it from it's primary mission.

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