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Man's penis cut off by woman with only 2cm long left

He had a dispute with some woman and the woman cut offf his penis when he was asleep. There was only a 2cm long bud left. Doctor was trying to repair the organ.

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13:19 yesterday, Mr. Zhou calls: there was a man, aged 36, following that all the things being cut off with a knife, is said to emotional problems, was sent to Hangzhou Plastic Surgery Hospital ...

Trainee reporter Dong Lu Ping, correspondent Yao Yan verification reports: the man from the Town of Zhuji shop sent a simple dressing at a local hospital before being sent to the Hangzhou Second Hospital of Zhejiang Medical Hangzhou Plastic Surgery Hospital, and then transferred to.

The man surnamed Chen, 36 years old this year, people in Guizhou, a hook up and Hangzhou, as well as his wife, Ms., Mr. Chen's brother sister-in-law and other fellow, a total of more than a dozen people.

8:00 in the morning to the husband phone

"I am following cut!"

3:00 pm, 6th Floor, Hangzhou Plastic Surgery Hospital operating room door, Mr. Chen's wife hook Ms. sitting on a bench, talking and edge fellow, wearing printed "× ×" gray overalls.

The hook she said more than 7:00, when she went out to the factory to work, to go, her husband and small daughter are still asleep.

"8:00 when her husband called, said the home was hurt - he following cut!"

Hook Ms. rushing home to see old justice sat on the bed wearing trousers, pants full of blood.

They did not say anything, immediately contacted the brother sister-in-law and several fellow opened the van ran several hospitals said they can not do this type of surgery, and finally sent to Hangzhou Plastic Surgery Hospital.

And a very good relationship female fellow

After the accident had disappeared

With Mr. Chen, Ms. hook ten years of marriage, claiming feelings fairly stable. Her work in the factory, Mr. Chen did not work, and usually do odd jobs. Before the accident, two people Hui Letang home in Guizhou, Zhuji Diankou Town before returning on the 25th of last month.

"I have a female fellow, lived next door to my house, and last year opened a mahjong room, sometimes mahjong machine is broken, she called her husband to lend a hand." Hook Ms. thought and said.

"The female fellow married, three children, me or her child's godmother, the good relationship between the two people, her husband often go to her house, she has to come to my house. Outside people began to gossip, she later divorced ... '

Yesterday evening, hook President downstairs to buy mineral water, a fellow in front of the hospital to tell her, "the woman, who ran did not find, but her parents are in!"

The hook she said "and so he (Mr. Chan) surgery done to say it. Now pay 20,000 yuan surgery, do not know how much money it is best to find the woman temporarily not to alarm it This kind of thing is not talk nonsense, alas! "

The operation, which lasted until 16:30. From the operating room, he hook Ms. Mangcong seat stood up and asked the doctor: How?

The doctor said the surgery is fairly successful, Ms. hook patted his chest and sighed.

"Well, that thing can not be used?." Hook President asked.

The doctor said, but also to observe a period of time, hook President did not then asked to go.

Hangzhou Plastic Surgery Hospital, the first case of penile replantation

Such as replantation survival function can be restored at least 80%

Mr. Chen's surgery, surgeon personally by the Hangzhou Plastic Surgery Hospital President Yao.

This is the first case since 1985 Hangzhou Plastic Surgery Hospital Jianyuanyilai penis replantation.

President Yao said, the hospital has done a lot of sex reassignment surgery, but male genitalia are completely cut off, the first time encountered.

"Sent when sober, he was sleeping, a woman with a pair of scissors to cut off below 2 cm length was cut." President Yao said, Mr. Chen had lost a lot of blood, about 100 ml. "We'll give him to do some preparation before surgery, such as blood count, blood pressure, laboratory tests, skin preparation, and preoperative epidural anesthesia (lower body anesthesia), and so on."

"Human genital nerve tissue is very rich, such a direct cut, a large number of blood vessels, nerves, urethra replantation and some organizations need to do surgery to repair." President Yao penis replantation surgery is very cumbersome.

The surgery lasted three hours, Mr. Chen connect a total of seven vessels, four nerve.

President Yao said, Mr. Chen still need seven days hospitalized for observation. If replantation survived genital function is able to recover at least 80%

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