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New Poll: Ron Paul crushes Romney, leads by 6 percent

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, thrashed former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to win the latest Insider Advantage poll of likely Iowa GOP caucusgoers by 6 percentage points Monday. Mr. Paul pulled in 24 percent of the votes, while Mr. Romney garnered 18 percent of the votes. Texas Governor Rick Perry earned 16 percent of the votes to finish in the top-tier. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who was once a favorite to win the Iowa Caucuses, finished in fourth with 13 percent of the votes.

Mr. Paul also won a Public Policy Polling poll of likely Iowa GOP caucusgoers with 23 percent of the votes. Mr. Romney came in behind Mr. Paul with 20 percent of the votes in the Iowa PPP poll. Mr. Gingrich garnered 14 percent of the votes for a third place finish. The Iowa PPP poll is the first Iowa poll that Mr. Paul has won. However, Mr. Paul’s victory in the latest Insider Advantage poll of likely Iowa GOP caucusgoers suggests that Mr. Paul’s popularity may not have a ceiling.

According to the Insider Advantage Iowa poll results, Mr. Paul is extremely popular among young adults. In the 18-29 age category, Mr. Paul has 48 percent of the votes. Mr. Paul’s only competition in this category is Mr. Gingrich, who secured 19 percent of the votes.

Mr. Paul’s popularity among young people is no secret. The Paul campaign is preparing to deploy 500 members of the “Youth for Ron Paul” as part of the “Christmas Vacation for Ron Paul” program. The volunteers will make phone calls and knock on doors for the Texas congressman.

“We need to do well in Iowa and New Hampshire, because it’s very important for perception,” Mr. Benton told POLITICO in November.

“It’s also important because the voters in those states are very adept and astute at evaluating candidates, so we need to be in the top three in those states, no question about it,” Mr. Benton added.

Mr. Paul appears to have secured a top-tier finish in Iowa.

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