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Housing activists protest massive GOP HUD/Section 8 budget cuts WITH COMMENTS

Why would user dcdirectactionnews post something like this and NOT open the comments option? I just dont get it. He wants ZERO people to comment for what reason? Anyway, Here is the story WITH COMMENTS (If The Mods Let It By)

On Feb 14, Valentine's Day, housing and tenant activists showed up outside the Russel Senate Office building demanding the Senate reject proposals from House Republicans to gut public housing programs and Section 8 assistance nationwide.

The continuing resolution that has funded Section 8 (and everything else) since last year expires in March. If the GOP and the teabaggers get their way,half of all DC tenents with Section 8 vouchers, as many as 750,000 Section 8 tenants will then be cut off from assistance. Most or all will then face eviction for unpaid and unpayable rent.

Furious at the GOP proposals for what would amount to mass evictions, protesters went so far as to evoke the Egyptian Revolution as an example of what happens when prices of the necessities of life are doubled or tripled as part of an austerity plan.

Others pointed out that there never seems to be any shortage of Congressional dollars for war or public funds for stadiums, yet the GOP is screaming that budget cuts against food and housing are needed.

In addition, the same GOP that is trying to abolish Section 8 housing vouchers is demanding MORE public money for vouchers for private and religious schools. The use of tax money to pay tuition at sectarian religious schools is considered questionable on a First Amendment basis, raising questions about the Tea Party's true commitment to "strict constructionism" on constitutional issues.

It should be remembered that many economists and social theorists regard the original "New Deal" public assistance programs from the 1930's as an effort by a capitalist country to buy peace and avoid chaos during the last Great Depression. They stop paying, people just might stop delivering social peace.

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