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Israels War with Iran

Good day everyone,

With much attention being brought to the Middle east region by Escalating violence in Syria and Iran's saber rattling, we are faced with a couple months ahead that hold uncertainty. The US is becoming more and more concerned about recent information that Israel may be striking iran within the next few months. The whole problem here is Iran's nuclear ambition...whether it be peaceful or not, i don't think its wise allowing a terror sponsoring country to have any form of radiological material(Which makes one scratch their head when thinking about Pakistan).

Alright here is the Issue,

Stopping Iran's Nuclear program. How do you do it? The international community is not going to allow another build up and invasion of a country(IRAQ) based on accusations, Even if the evidence is true this time. Iraq was too much of an embarrassment to nations. This leads to the question of How?

The answer is obtained by Israel attacking Iran's nuclear sites via aircraft under the pretense that Nuclear armed Iran is a Immediate threat to the well being of Israel. while having the united states "not committed to starting another conflict" (Like she is now, The US is begging Israel to not strike Iran, or so we think). For Public Relations purposes it cant look like the US wants war too in this situation it would look like pure bullying.

After Israel strikes Iran that is not going to be end game, Iran is 100% going to strike back at Israel and America, along with British and French forces that operate in the area( not to mention the Sunni country's and UA countries in the region). whether it be with missiles, Ground conflict or Naval conflict its going to happen and the whole regions is going to be in conflict. Also a little unknown fact is the Defense pact signed between Iran and Syria basically saying if one or both countries are attacked they are to defend one another and come to the assistance of.

Straight of Hormuz is at risk, Iran invading Afghanistan is a possibility(Why do you think we pulled out of Iraq), Terrorist attacks across Europe/America not to mention the effect this all will have on the economy.

Just be aware of the war that is about to begin!!

I want this discussed!! Be polite!


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