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The "murder" of Rachel Corrie.... Really???
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This is an update to the video that was brought in yesterday, showing the footage and exchange of words between military personal, during the tragic incident in which Rachel Corrie was killed in Gaza.

The one who brought it claimed she was murdered because the driver said: "Yes I saw him, I think he is dead." when his commander asked him: "Did you see him".

Well, the full exchange of words clearly shows that this quote was taken out of it's context, including the fact the term 'Object' was never used by the driver, or commander.

Here is the real exchange of words, translated by me from Hebrew (The brackets has my personal comments regarding the conversation):

Driver: 30 calling Dubi 2

Commander: Dubi 2 to 30

Driver: Heee, I think I hit someone (In Hebrew the driver CLEARLY say he think he hit someone, not "Object")...

Driver: Roger, It seems that someone was hit by the dozer and he is probably in a serious condition.

Commander: What is his condition, have you seen him? (Quite obvious for anyone who understand Hebrew he asks the driver if he saw what is the victim condition, NOT asking him "Did you see him and still run him over...")

Driver: Yes, I saw him, I think he passed away...

From the exchange of words, it is CLEARLY the driver didn't have any attention to hit Corrie, he sounds confused when he first report about the accident and he is not sure what really heppened.

His reply "Yes,I saw him" is to the question "What his condition/Did you see his condition" and NOT: Yes,I saw him but still had this unexplained urge to go over him...."

It is quite clear he didn't notice her, he drives a huge and heavy vehicle and had "dead spots" he couldn't notice.

During 2003 the Gaza area was a pure war zone, with casulties on both sides almost each day, and the driver was probably thinking how to finish his mission as fast as he can, with out being a target, and NOT about a sudden need to kill an American activist- It might be that because he was in a hurry and under stress he missed her from his sight.

But of course this video, with the not-accurate translation is being spread over the net, creating the false impression Israel is behind the deliberate killing of Corrie.

So easy to manipulate the facts like that- Israel bashers tend to accuse Israel of doing such manipulation, but till now all I saw was them doing it over and over again in dozens, even hundreds, of different items.

PS: The video can be seen in the item I just updated

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