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Airframe Shock Testing, The Economy, and Politics

An intelligent observer would notice the similarity to what an aircraft engineer does in engineering an airframe and what happens in economics and politics.
When a desired shape is found for an airframe, engineers build a scale test frame and subject it to enormous stresses using giant hydraulic machines that test the bending and breaking limits of the wings and fuselage. This is done to establish load limits, both predicted and absolute (breaks), and establish where certain equipment should go. Due to the nature of aluminum and composites, this is different for each and every airframe design, but absolutely necessary to predict the outcome of stresses.

SO, similarly, the way the economy works and predicting how it (any economy) will function under stress is done in a similar fashion. Simulations are run against real world situations to see how much stress the economy can take given a change in different variables. Much like how electronic circuits are tested as well, but that is another topic for later discussion.
For example, when the price of oil goes up, economists watch how the economy manages the stress and can make predictions of what it can take in the future in terms of increased prices.
The same goes for every commodity and anything traded on the market. When the predicted stress will be to high, the prices are adjusted to balance supply and demand, but this can only be done by stressing test where the breaking point is and avoid it while maintaining balance.

The same thing applies absolutely to politics, and that is what you are witnessing now in the US elections. While you debate endlessly, there are those who control things that are watching what is happening.
The public is being shock tested to see what kind of stresses the society can endure under given projected circumstances.
The election of a woman VP is a test, as is the acceptance of a half-black man to run the country.
Whoever wins will change our country's history forever, and both will cause stresses on peoples ideals and thinking. This is normal and designed to see if the country will break, so to speak.
Without shock testing, accurate projections of what will happen in the future cannot be made, and how the sheep will behave cannot be predicted.
Since the sheeple often are often unpredictable and dangerous, their actions must be predicted to maintain public safety, absolutely.
I hope this helps clarify what is really going on when you are debating topics here on LL.

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Added: Oct-14-2008 
By: archimech
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  • I've studied engineering and this is absolutely true. The Rothschild gang are the masters at deliberately oscillating economies. They've been engineering money for centuries. Shock testing is a universal and fundamental engineering technique to find out how a system works. For example, raise oil prices by $10 overnight and guage how everything reacts.

    Posted Oct-14-2008 By 

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  • I enjoyed the analogy. Seriously, that is a motherfucking kickass way to describe this market meltdown.

    Also in regard to "shock testing" it has become clear to me that Pakistan's impressive ability to manufacture firearms has been the single most effective insurance for getting respect for its national sovereignty.

    I am sure the terrain has much to do with it as well, in essence, seems that Pakistan sent a pretty clear message about how it will regard border crossings.

    Respect More..

    Posted Oct-26-2008 By 

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