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Moon Base on the Dark Side of the Moon

Moon Base on the Dark Side of the MoonAll the above
photos of the moon came from this book here. In the back is a computer CD with
these two images and thousands of others. But these were the only two such
images that I could find like this. Get the book at your local library.

(above photos) I was
looking at some Lunar Orbiter photographs when I came across a few that I had
not see before. They partially reveal the dark side of the moon, or almost dark
side because Earth cannot view this part of the moon, but a little sun light
does hit part of it.

SOURCE for above moon
photos: Book called, "Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Near Side of
the Moon." In the back of this book is a computer CD with full resolution
photos. These came from there.


Download these photos/share (zip): Moon Buildings Photos (231)

SOURCE:Moon photo locations


I call this set of 200+
moon photos The Kraken File and for good reason. It's not something you
want to set loose, but rather something you are force to set loose.

If you have read my book (UFO Sightings of 2006-2009), which I don't recommend
doing, you would hear mention that there are some long black building on the
moon in old Lunar Orbiter photos. They are in such detail that it can unnerve a
person who is unfamiliar with the fact that moon structures exist. If these
photos upset you I apologize, I post them only to heighten your awareness of
the world around you. These structures are spread out and in different
locations. I believe that these buildings cannot be seen in current moon photos
because NASA has used photoshop to cover them up, or perhaps the Orbiter
satellite had a lens filter that only allows it to see in UV or some other
spectrum beyond that of the human eye.

These structures came directly from the Lunar Orbiter then to NASA and then
some how made its way to the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Working
Group for Planetary System Normenclature (WGPSN). These photos have not been
made by CGI (computer generated imaging) but were taken by NASA's Lunar Orbiter
making their source indisputable and undebunkable. To misrepresent NASA images
is against the law and I respect their rule. They are what they are.

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