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The Fraternity: Lawyers and Judges in Collusion

The Fraternity: Lawyers and Judges in Collusion

by Judge John Fitzgerald Molloy- this is NONFICTION

The legal profession has increasingly threatened the economic health of our country.

I am distributing this book to members of the legislature and Judicial Conduct Board- and hope everyone reading this will go the same. It was written by a Superior Court Judge at the end of his life- he died in 2008- four years after the book was published. You need to get yourself a copy- and so does every member of the Judiciary, legislature and the Bar Associations across the country. John F. Molloy, the author, spent over 40 years as a lawyer and judge in the U.S. His honest and critical(also of his own "selling out for the lust for money & power") gives insider insights from these two perspectives, provide the reader-citizen a well put, detailed history of what has gone wrong with our legal system, espec. over the last 60 or so years.

The 'politicking' in the courts is abominable, and the public and justice not being served on any level.Judges are all facilitating the degeneration of the American legal system, with the proliferation of complexities that require the ever-more-costly services of lawyers, coupled with the court-made laws that can make it ever more difficult to punish offenders. It is insane that the courts are making law, a right reserved to Congress by our Constitution, while maintaining that they are merely interpreting the Constitution. Now termed discretionary law- is is nothing more than abuse tactics used against the public that cannot afford to contribute to the member of the Bar Assocations.

Our initially great system of Law and its pursuit of Truth & Justice, has become primarily a way for lawyers and judges to enrich themselves financially. Judges do this by re-interpreting existing laws, through abuse of discretion -and with the helpful "input" of lawyers trying cases before them- who have contributed to their judicial campaigns. Its impact on the moral & social fabric of our citizens has been a perverted commerce system to serve the interests of lawyers instead of serving the interests of the public.

All this deterioration has been to complicate and thereby fatten the pockets of trial lawyers in collusion with our judges. People like Kelly Wall – who have managed to get elected by uninformed voters- have the sole motivation of getting a salary of $160,000 + and unknown other fringe benefits- without even being screened for the job. They then operate completely unmonitored, inflicting crimes against those without the funds to hire a member of the Montgomery County Bar assocation. And even if they have the funds, the Judges happily expand cases to create the immense, unneccesary legal debt to the lawfirms. Arthur Tilson is an excellent example of this- as Paul Bartle of High Swartz admitted to me that he was friends with Tilson in law school, and surely could get him to release legal fees from my escrow account. Of course he was sucessful- while my marital debt now remains unpaid and the escrow account depleted by lawyers.

You and your legal peers are the essence of evil and greed- and I trulyl believe that the time for punishment is coming ever close for all of you.

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