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Oh, so NOW the wingnuts are all worried about losing our freedoms

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Oh, so NOW the wingnuts are all worried about losing our freedoms
By David Neiwert Saturday May 23, 2009 6:45am

The hallmark of the paranoid, according to Richard Hofstadter, is their propensity for projection: Seeing in others, deservedly or not, their own very worst behaviors and predilections.

Well, we already know that Michelle Malkin is a paranoid, but it's always worth noting when she gives voice to something we're hearing from a whole bunch of right-wing quarters: Barack Obama and the liberals intend to destroy America by taking away our freedoms under the Constitution.

She was on Glenn Beck's show earlier this week (when the LSDM himself was out with The View flu), and told the fill-in host, Judge Napolitano, that "We've lost plenty of our liberties" already under Obama -- indeed, that "every inalienable right -- life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" had been diminished under his presidency.

How so? Apparently, the best example she can come up with is "the freedom to innovate" and limiting health-care choices.

Jaysus. These people sat and nodded through eight years of wiretapping, torture, reduced reproductive choices, and constant assaults on our civil liberties.

And now they're shrieking -- which is Malkin's style -- about "drawing the line" at limited doctor selection?

Are they insane?

Wait, don't answer that.

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