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Finally... the GOP comes up with alternatives to ObamaCare - "Barter chickens with your doctor for healthcare."

In a spectacular display of retardation, Sue Lowden (R), the leading Republican Senate candidate in Nevada (and opponent of Democrat incumbent, Harry Reid) recently articulated her vision of how the American health-care system should work.

At a local candidate forum, Lowden, a former state senator and chair of the Nevada Republican Party, encouraged Nevadans to "go ahead and barter with your doctor." It would, she insisted, "get get prices down in a hurry."

"I'm telling you that this works," the Republican candidate explained. "You know, before we all started having health care, in the olden days, our grandparents, they would bring a chicken to the doctor. They would say, 'I'll paint your house.' I mean, that's the old days of what people would do to get health care with your doctors. Doctors are very sympathetic people. I'm not backing down from that system."

If that isn't some folksy shit. I don't know what is. Methinks the recent visit by celebrity quitter, Sarah Palin might have been the inspiration for this brilliant piece o' homespun GOP stratemegizing.

I'm personally wondering how many chickens this pinhead thinks I might need for say.... a quadruple bypass operation or maybe aggressive chemo and neurosurgery for that pesky brain tumor. I bet it would run into the "shitloads" category.

Anyway, never let it be said again that Republicans aren't contributing ideas for healthcare reform. "Chickens for checkups" proves that the right is once again on the cutting edge of political thought..... if this was the 19th century and you happen to be a fucking chicken farmer.

I happen to raise chickens and grow a great deal of my own food.... I even live in a small mountain town (pop. 2,000) complete with a friendly old ex-hippy doctor (ponytail and all). I can tell you right now that if I walked into his office tomorrow and said, "Vaughn, I don't have any money.... but I'll give you this sack of walnuts in exchange for a prostate exam"...... He would tell me to go fuck myself and get my nuts out of his office.

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Added: Apr-21-2010 
By: EventHorizon2012
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