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Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front): Reports on Terror Group from CNN & Al-Jazeera... Purpose Explained!
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This compilation of three reports from CNN (US), al-Jazeera (Qatar), and al-Ikhbariya (Syria) discusses 'Jabhat al-Nusra' (Nusra Front), an al-Qaeda affiliated group whose members mostly fought in Iraq against the American forces and Shiite militias, and targeted Shiite & Christian civilians, while using mostly suicide bombings, killing in the process thousands of military personnel and civilians.

CNN Report (starts at 0:00):
This report by CNN's Nic Robertson tries to show who the strongest anti-Syrian government militant group in Syria really is and its ties to al-Qaeda.

Al-Jazeera Report (starts at 3:25):
This report by al-Jazeera correspondent covers the activities of the Nusra Front near the Nayrab military airport and the land and aerial blockade that it is imposing around the airport. The report also discusses Nusra Front's undisclosed links to al-Qaeda and the former's view of a post-Assad Syria, in which its members seek to establish an Islamic State.

Al-Ikhbariya Report (starts at 6:09)
This report by Syrian al-Ikhbariya discusses the aim of CNN and al-Jazeera in giving different depictions of the relatively new Nusra Front terror group and in promoting it, in the light of a fading al-Qaeda organization, from whom the spotlight is being stolen while being replaced by the new threat of Nusra Front, which will be a justification for more hegemonic and imperial endeavors for the United States in the Middle East.

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