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Kata´ib Hezbollah -Third Statement about the Security Agreement with usa (video from rai tv)

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(This is the cedarboy`s translation for the
Third Statement about the Security Agreement with usa ,they have translated it from many days ago + a video from rai tv was showing it on the screen.)

When Hizbollah Brigades launched its Jihad, its only goal was liberating our country & sacking out occupation, and ending its colonial scheme in Iraq.

Today we stand with our people as we face two choices only: either we sack out the occupiers & rule the country with the law of Islam, or submission to American occupation & its military, schemes, and will, by signing a peace agreement that worse than "Camp David". And today they are doing their best to make that possible by in public bribery and promises for political & personal benefits. Or by intimidating those who don’t look for bribery or personal benefits.

Al-Maliki is saying that Iraq has two choices: either to sign or the immediate withdrawal of occupation forces. For us this is not an intimidating tool, but rather what we have been fighting for. If this happened & the occupation left Iraq, we will help in stabilizing the country & protect it, and thus it will be more secure than it is nowadays. Al-Maliki & his ministers & Parliament members & others should not care only for their personal & political benefits but rather know that securing these benefits is in the people's hand & not occupation. And so their political future will be worse if you don’t call for end of occupation & depend on their people.

As for you, our Iraqi people, you should know that this agreement only means selling your country's sovereignty & giving its wealth & will, and so we will continue resisting this occupation this it ends.

Our last words are for the Government & the Parliament, since you are in the political position. Signing the agreement will only mean to you & us: all what we have not done yet will be possible! The equation is simple: we have fought to liberate our country from occupation, hoping that you help us politically in that. But now if you sign the agreement this means that the occupation will continue through your legalization to its existence and thus according to our Islamic & national responsibilities we declare that we will fight the occupation & whoever works on its continuity. You know that our hands can reach anywhere in Iraq, but for the past five years we have kept that to occupation only, and we wish it stays that way. Today you and only you will change the direction of our weapons & thus you will hold the complete responsibility.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq
Hizbollah Brigades

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