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The Mujahideen in Swat (Pakistan) have control

October 31, 2007

The Jihaad in Pakistan has already begun and is taking form. All the Muslims, especially the Pakistani Muslims in the West should be supportive of the Mujaahideen. They are fighting for Allah’s Cause whereas the NaPak Army is fighting for the Taaghooti Cause. Already the Mujaahideen have control over some areas, establishing the Shari’ah, and kicking out the Murtadeen. Out of all the Jihaad’s today, this has to be the most successful Jihaad in the shortest rate of time, wallahu ‘Alam. Of course, it’s not fully formed yet nor completed, but the mere fact that after the Lal Masjid siege, the Mujaahideen took up arms against the Murtadeen Army, kicked them out of certain cities and established the law of Allah ‘Azza wa Jall (yes, with Islaamic Courts) in just a time span of a few months, this has to be the fastest rate of a successful and fruitful Jihaad. We pray that Allah ‘Azza wa Jall gives more power, ability, strength, and help to these noble brothers who are a mix of not only Pakistani’s, but you’ll find Muslims from Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Sheeshaan, Turkey, Africa and many Arab Countries involved in this Jihaad.

More information on this is below the images.
Fazlullah’s spokesman said that the local Taliban had a complete hold on Kanju, Bara Bandai (recently named as Islam Bandai), Koza Bandai (named as Shariat Bandai), Sangota, Shakardarra, Pir Kalay, Charbagh and Sambat. “In these areas, we have established check-posts manned by local Taliban,” he said.

“We have simple demands: withdrawal of security forces from Swat and enforcement of Sharia in the region.” He maintained that the powerful military of Pakistan could dismantle their recently established rule in parts of the region but it would lead the country to an Afghanistan-like situation as they would wage a guerrilla war against the security forces.


[The local population gives donations to the Taliban fighting the Security Forces)

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