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Islamic Radicals in Struga creating problems

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A cell of wahabis and islamic fundamentalists is at the core of a protest which led to burning of a Macedonian flag which was then replaced by a Saudi(?) flag.

The reason for this protest as the city's mayor said is the Vevcani Carnival which had offended muslims in the area.

The mayor himself, Ramiz Merko is seen by many as a radical muslim with police sources pointing to him as the organizer of this weekend protest.

It all started when an intoxicated ethnic Albanian went to a bookstore and purchased a Macedonian flag and then burned it in front of the county headquarters. Money well spent.

What happened after was certainly not spontaneous. Dozen cars showed up packed with people to protest the arrest of the intoxicated Albanian, but at the same time started protesting the Vevcani Carnival?

Many of the protesters had lengthy beards, shouted slogans "Death to Christians", something you would see in Saudi Arabia. To complete the shocking image, one of the protesters pulled out a green flag and posted it on the county flag pole.

It took police 45 minutes to realize the flag was Saudi, a flag our MINA correspondent says can not be purchased in Macedonia, because shops simply don't carry it.

The mayor, Ramiz Merko defended the islamic radicals who shouted "Death to Christians" by demanding apology from the Vevcani mayor for insulting their feelings.

According to Merko, Christians don't have feelings, it's only muslims who have them.

The wahabi sect in Macedonia is getting increasingly dangerous. The CIA and Interpol have both warned Macedonian police to keep a close eye on the increasing number of wahabis.

The wahabis have spread in huge numbers to Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro. Bosnia for instance, although considered a muslim country, has arrested the head of their wahabi sect just a week ago. According to the Bosnian Government, the wahabis were very dangerous!

Europe has also taken notice. Holland, France, Belgium... have all banned muslim burqas despite having large muslim populations.

In Macedonia, it's been confirmed on numerous occasions by police, media, banks... that the Saudis are paying wahabi radicals (ethnic Albanians) in the country 300 euros per month to force their women to wear burqas and spread their radical views to locals. Interestingly, Albania's large Catholic population does not want to have ties with ethnic Albanians in Macedonia and Kosovo due to their islamic radicalization!

Perhaps it's high time Macedonia takes CIA's and Interpol's warnings seriously, arrest mayor Ramiz Merko as he has been at the forefront of encouraging islamic radicals for a decade. //Gorazd Velkovski

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By: Muhammad_ibn_Abdullah
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  • Comment of user 'I AM GOD' has been deleted by author (after account deletion)!
  • I was always always keen with these people and i have many friends around who are muslim ,but they are still my friends. This behaviour is out of any person's deal so....I never saw that back in the 80's! Nobody chated that God is great and almost of the Muslims i knew were drinking alcohol and eating pork. Figure this one out?
    Today we got this over night sensation package with some radicals doing it. Which is fine.

    Posted Mar-29-2012 By 

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  • Macedonias should STFU coz they are sorrounded by Albanians and Greeks.

    Posted Apr-20-2012 By 

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