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TSA lets nigerian ride around US with fake boarding pass and I.D.

TSA Agents Are Retards: Nigerian With Fake ID and Boarding Pass? He Gets on the Plane.

If you are retarded, elderly with an adult diaper, or an infant, you get anal probed at the nation’s TSA checkpoints. But if you are a Nigerian, rank with body odor, with a think accent, with a fake ID, and someone else’s boarding pass, then by all means, climb aboard your choice of beautiful American jetliners!

From the LATimes here:

Virgin America Flight 415 from New York to Los Angeles was already two hours into its journey when some passengers in the upscale “Main Cabin Select” section complained that the man seated in 3E reeked of body odor.

A flight attendant asked Olajide Oluwaseun Noibi for his boarding pass and was surprised to see it was from a different fight and in someone else’s name. She alerted authorities, and Noibi went back to sleep in his black leather airline seat. When the plane landed, authorities chose not to arrest Noibi, allowing him to leave the airport.

On Wednesday, Noibi was arrested trying to board a Delta flight out of Los Angeles. Once again, he had managed to pass undetected through security with an expired ticket issued in someone else’s name. Authorities found at least 10 other boarding passes, none of which belonged to him. Law enforcement sources told The Times they suspect Noibi has used expired plane tickets to sneak on to flights in the past. On his website, Noibi describes himself as a “frequent traveler.”

Noibi was able to move past two checkpoints — at the security screening area and at the gate — with his expired ticket and university ID.

The man didn’t even use an acceptable form of ID to get through security. I guess if you stink and might be a Muslim, the TSA doesn’t want to offend you. Meanwhile, they are still giving swirlies to old ladies asses at checkpoints. If you wear the blue shirt of TSA, look in the mirror to see a retard.


Fun Things To Say To TSA If You Didn't Have To Worried About Being Arrested!

"oh cold hands, cold hands!"

‎"How come when I did this at a bar, last Tuesday... I got arrested"

I'm afraid to fly... Are you feeling me?

‎"Well I guess you’re not much on foreplay"

‎"They’re real… and they’re spectacular!

"Excuse me but I'd like to be wined and dined before you start. "

"If I think of baseball will this take longer?"

"Wait a minute!!! We are just friends!"

"I’ll meet you in lavatory in ten minutes!"

"Come on big boy make me a real man. "

"I'm not even sure this is legal in Nevada! "

"I'll take the 'happy ending' pat-down, please. "

"Let me know when to turn my head and cough! "

"Hey, hey… no means no!"

"Is it ok if my friend watches???"

"What? No dinner first? "

‎"Good job… you have just rounded 2nd"

"Since I'm paying for this… do I get to pick the agent I want! "

"I Guess my dad wasted his money on that Purity Ring!"

"A little more to the left...yep that's the spot! "

"I'll show you mine, if you show me yours "

"This is just like church camp!"

"yeah… that's nice!"'

‎"Your mommy must be so proud?!"

"Some guy just offered to do the same thing in the bathroom… Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you with you pants zipped!"

"That's not a bomb in pants I'm just happy to see you! "

"Do you like movies about gladiators? Have you ever seen a grown man naked??Ever been to Turkish prison???"

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