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Obama is the Antichrist!

UPDATED -- 22 Theses on Why Obama is the Antichrist

1. He was elected by a healthy margin (pundits say it was the highest turnout ever for the presidential race) by a nation that hates God, has forgotten God, hates God’s standard, and persecutes God’s people. He brags that he was elected by people from every walk of life; he truly reflects the face of this nation, See Isaiah 3.
2. There is not a single voice of counter-point or checks-and-balance in the utter worship of Obama that is taking place in this nation about Obama and his presidency. They’re all with one voice singing his praise, bowing down, and eagerly anticipating the great sweeping “change” he has promised. (This is a buzz word for breaking off the bands of the Word of God and getting out from under his outpoured wrath. They think this arrogant pup can do this; that’s not going to happen.)
3. They shamelessly carry on in the media and in the jabber of the whores and sluts of this land about how “beautiful” he is, physically, as if that’s ever been an important presidential quality. Since being “beautiful” is way more important to this nation than ever cracking a Bible, that’s a perfect fit for them – to have their “beautiful” president.
4. He claims to be a “Christian” while openly admitting he rejects nearly all the Bible – and distorts the rest to his political purpose. This is Satan’s favorite device, employing the name of Christ, and the words of the Bible, for Satan’s cause.
5. He was raised by an adulterous woman, an absent deadbeat father, a superstitious stepfather, and grandparents who taught him to worship the creature instead of the Creator. That is the perfect representative for this doomed nation.
6. He is the first president of doomed america who does at least claim to have been raised in a Christian household. He was raised by atheists, Hindus and Muslims, and is a proud “renaissance" man,” just as his evil mother planned. (This is one of the strongest pieces of evidence that she is in hell today.)
7. He is arrogant, hard, angry, calloused, violent, and full of his defiance against God. He is like his ancestor Nimrod, raising his fist and middle finger to heaven every day.
8. Obama and his laptop vice president, Joe Biden, are both specifically on record as officially against the saints of God, including in their votes in Congress trying to stop the picketing, and their words out of their mouths critical of the message of God from the mouths of his prophets in this earth today.
9. His home-base is Chicago, a city of scum, corrupt to the core, and overflowing with evil.
10. He is a “fierce advocate” for filthy feces-eating fags, and has promised to use the full power of the office of the President of the United States to promote their mutinous cause.
11. He is an aggressive supporter of killing unborn babies, and has promised to use the full power of the office of the President of the United States to promote killing born and unborn alike.
12. He is a smooth orator, who understands dark sentences, and promises peace which will destroy, see Daniel 8.
13. He is slick, polished, and gabby. He loves to talk. He loves to show how brilliant he is with his words. He is the picture of the Beast wearing out the saints with his blasphemous words.
14. He has blasphemy written on his forehead. Anyone who stands in front of a rebellious nation, that considers itself the super power of the world, saying he can’t accept a God who sends most people to hell, and picking out little snippets from the Bible to support his quest for power, is a great blasphemer.
15. The young people of this nation treat him like a god-and-rock-star combined, screaming, crying, writhing, in massive crowds formed to worship him. These are the generations raised on a steady diet of “It’s OK to be gay,” God is a liar, sin all you want and God is still required to bless you, and make your entire vain life all about you. The young people of this nation are brutish, violent, vulgar, grievous sinners against God. Who or what they worship can be nothing but bad.
16. His goal is world power; he is loved worldwide; he is the person who can bring the kings of the world together to build a world power, designed to undo the judgments of God. He will put forth many words about this, with talk of change, prosperity, peace, and overcoming.
17. The black people have turned him into a god, and indeed blasphemously called him Christ. His other monikers at the hands of this wicked nation are The One, the Elect, and Savior. God calls him The Wicked and The Beast.
18. He is already building his union with the big false prophets of this world, starting with Rick Warren. He and the Pedophile-Producing Pope Benedict Arnold the 16th are already doing a dance, and very shortly they will form a union. The Pope will declare his deeds great miracles, and fueled by the Dragon (Satan), this unholy trinity will start forming a worldwide army to fight God. That army will be made up predominantly of militant brutal fags and dykes with some hard core enablers thrown in for good measure.
19. He is already making sounds about changing times and laws. He will get into office and undo the few semblances of civil or religious liberties or freedoms in this country, again full of words about peace and prosperity. This nation is already primed to be scared of its own shadow, and one need only hint at the possibility that their oil and wine (partying, fun, sexual filth) will be in jeopardy, and they will hand all power over to this Beast. The members of Congress are scared sissies who will be afraid to oppose him because of his popularity that they see as a “mandate.” They will bow down to him shortly, and give him all their power – for fear of being kicked out of office.
20. He was raised on a bizarre conglomeration of superstition and lies, taken from the Universalist Unitarians, the Hindus, the Muslims, Malcolm X, and so-called “Christianity.” He cherry picked what he heard from his mother, grandparents, mutation of so-called fathers, teachers, and black people he sought out in search for a purpose and place in life, all to suit his ambition and pleasure. The result is a Satanic cocktail that he has the nerve to palm off on this stupid in-a-drunken-stupor nation as Christianity – so he could get their votes.
21. More Evidence Obama is the Beast Antichrist: In the week leading up to his coronation as king of the world, Bloody Baby-Killer Beast Obama bragged about how much he will build a fag army. As part of his fierce advocacy for fag special rights, he’s promised to quickly dispense with the mythical “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of the military. This is symbolic of his love of all things sodomitical. The fags already have all the run of the military their dark hearts desire. This is just to put a big punctuation mark on how much Bloody Beast Baby-Killer Obama loves fags. And why, you might ask, must this Beast build an army? Because, as he told the brutes of Baltimore on January 17, 2009, he intends to lead this evil nation in declaring a new independence. He calls it an independency from bigotry. Balderdash! It will be a declaration of independence against the standards of God! He intends to declare “independence” – in other words declare war – against Christ himself. You can read all about this in Revelation 19. And when he does – hear us on this earth dwelling rebels – Bloody Baby-Killer Beast Obama is going down! Christ is going to whoop him good, sound, once and for all, and cast him into chains of darkness, prepared for the devil and his angels, forever!
22. Bloody Beast Obama came out of the gate sprinting to commit this nation to a new level of sin and rebellion against God. His true colors are coming out. He has pretended during his campaign that he is a Christian. The stupid phony Christians of this stupid false-hearted nation fell for that lie. So as the watchers from Westboro Baptist Church stood at 4th & Pennsylvania showing the world the words – Beast Obama, God Hates Obama, Bloody Obama, Antichrist Obama, Hell to the Chief – we were awash in the pure stupidity of this nation’s voices. They claimed Obama wasn’t in favor of abortion because he’s a Christian, and worse, they lied, he’s a Baptist. What?
o Well, don’t worry, Obama immediately took steps to show that’s a lie. (Of course the odds that those stupid people will read the news reports are slim to none.) He rang up the president of the Palistinian Authority to reassure him – and Muslims everywhere – that he was all about peace and harmony and love-festing with the Muslims. The people of Israel are real nervous. It’s too bad the people of Israel don’t obey God. Then they wouldn’t have to be so nervous about the Beast, not mentioning Israel in his coronation speech; his phone call to court Muslims; or his appointment of George Mitchell (who sees pushy Israel’s spread of “settlements” for the acts of aggression they are) as the new Middle East envoy. There are a few righteous Jews somewhere in this world – maybe doomed america, maybe doomed israel – and the Beast will smoke them out, as they say. (The False Prophet pope Benedict Arnold XVI is in lockstep with the Beast. He made the Jews angry by the unprecedented act of single handedly reinstating four bishops from a “breakaway wing” including Richard Williamson who says the Nazi Holocaust never happened. Too bad the Jews don’t see God’s hand in that matter.)
o Also Obama immediately issued his demonic decree, called an executive order, lifting the ban on funding for foreign abortions. My how the nations loved that little stunt. Watch out dumb doomed americans – Obama is already getting busy with your resources from your presidential office building his world empire. My oh my – boy howdy – do you cursed rebels of doomed america deserve this beast for president.
o And of course he could not deliver his coronation-speech without blaspheming God. He should cut out his tongue before he ever quotes Scripture again. He won’t; that’s part of his persona – he has blasphemy on his forehead – it’s the first thing you see about him if you have ears to hear and a heart to understand. He worships the human; he calls upon doomed america – a cesspool of despair and doom – to prove its greatness and for all its citizens to step forth and get their true adult destiny, to wit, their shabby raggedy happiness. Shut up Beast! It’s not about you! Just because your father and energizer Satan, a/k/a the Dragon, is in a rage against God (whose cast him out of any access to heaven at this hour; you know the way we don’t let ambassadors in when we’re at full scale war with their nations, so he’s raging in the earth because he knows his time is short), doesn’t justify your lies. You will be cast alive into hell. You are a very stupid arrogant beast! The saints of God rejoice. This is amazing happy stuff!

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