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Syria claims: Protesters getting paid by terrorists

Officials in Deir ez-Zor tell Syrian news agency that civilians paid by 'foreign agents' to protest against President Assad, kill other civilians

Published: 08.06.11

Syrian propaganda at its best ? after at least 24 people were reportedly killed during the latest round of protests across Syria on Friday, local authorities claimed that demonstrators were being paid to protest against President Bashar Assad and harm other civilians. Syrian news agency SANA on Saturday reported that local government officials in Deir ez-Zor accused protesters of receiving money in return for demonstrating against the regime.

Al-Panache warned that these "foreign agents" will not succeed in their ploy. "Last week, extreme elements paid people to carry arms. They arrived at a road block, where they shot the civilians. "They sent photos and videos in which they blame the army for these acts, but the army didn’t even enter the city. These elements are deceiving all the Syrian TV networks and are undermining Syria's stability," he said. The official called on the army to enter the city and protect its residents. He added that the "city seniors" know who's behind the attacks on civilians. Another Deir ez-Zor official, Oved Abdoul al Jassim, described a situation he witnessed: "There was an argument between two people. When I intervened one of them told me that the other asked a group of people to protest for four hours in return for money, but then only offered them 1,500 Syrian Liras." Earlier, Syrian activists claimed at least 24 civilians have been killed by security forces during anti-government protests on Friday.
Syria-based rights activist Mustafa Osso said most of the deaths occurred in Damascus suburbs during daytime Friday protests and late night demonstrations following evening Ramadan prayers. He said five civilians were killed in the besieged city of Hama and its surrounding countryside. The toll was confirmed Saturday by the Local Coordination Committees, a key activist groups tracking the Syrian uprising.,7340,L-4105119,00.html

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