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9/11 Science & Conspiracy Part 5/10

RIP to the 9/11 victims

In this 10 part series that was broadcast recently to debunk a lot of the 'truthers' false claims and their silly conspiracies.

Professors, scientist, engineers and computer model experts break down the facts about how and why the World Trade Center collapsed.

The truthers are pathetic, people are realizing the utter bankruptcy of these morons in black and truth More.. More..ers are fast becoming nothing but fodder for jokes.

The more information you have, the better you can support your argument.


The twin towers opened in 1972 after two years of construction.
Thirteen square blocks were razed to house the WTC complex.
Each floor of the twin towers comprised about 50,000 square feet.
The combined weight of the towers was more than 1.5 million tons. Each tower was built to safely sway about three feet during strong windstorms.
WTC 1 was the world’s tallest building until Chicago’s Sears Tower was completed in 1973.
200,000 tons of steel were used in the construction of the WTC complex.
The WTC complex contained about 43,000 windows and 200 elevators.
About 50,000 people worked in the towers, and more than 200,000 people moved through the towers each day.


The Pentagon has a floor space of 3,705,793 square feet and contains 7,754 windows and 17 miles of corridor.
Each of the Pentagon’s outer walls is 921 feet long.
The building was constructed out of reinforced concrete made from 380,000 tons of sand dredged from the Potomac River and is supported by 41,492 concrete piles. The designers’ ingenuity not only created a building that complemented the architectural style of the nation’s capital, but also saved enough steel to build an entire battleship.


A Google search of "9/11 conspiracy" turns up 6 million hits. (The famed "JFK conspiracy" brings 52,000.)
More than 1/3 of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East, according to a 2006 Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll.

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Conspiracy theories are put to the test. How well do they stand up against the visual simulations of professional engineers? See how science supports official stories and debunks the conspiracies below.


Official Story: The collapse was caused by fire initially fed by the jet fuel from the planes.
Testing the Official Story: Using original construction blueprints, photographs, and construction data, Purdue University, along with the American Society of Civil Engineers, created a model structure of the north World Trade Center tower and a scaled 767 jetliner. To model the fuel load, Purdue launched aluminum cans filled with liquid to represent an airline wing colliding with a steel column. The final simulation showed the internal destruction of supporting columns, the disintegration of the jetliner, the atomizing of the fuel, and the resulting fires that softened the steel framework of the building and brought it down.

Conspiracy: The fire could not have gotten hot enough to melt the steel.
Science: The Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC) designed explosives to test the effects of burning jet fuel on steel. EMRTC used a bare steel beam because the National Institute of Standards and Technology reports that much of the any fireproofing material would have been knocked off at the moment of impact. Within two minutes of igniting the fuel, the temperature peaked just above 2,000 Fahrenheit and complete structural failure occurred in less than four minutes.

Conspiracy: The collapse was caused by controlled demolition.
Science: The film crew recorded the demolition of a college dormitory building to learn all that is involved in the process of prepping and loading. The first step was to expose the columns in order to attach explosives to them. The World Trade Center had 47 inner core columns that would have needed to be prepared. To cut the steel beams the demolition team used a shape charge, which is piece of copper apportioned to a shape-charged weapon. When an explosive is attached and ignited, the device implodes and forms a stream of liquid copper that cuts through the steel. A demolition of this scale would leave clear evidence behind, but no such traces were found at Ground Zero.

Conspiracy: Thermite, which is less traceable, was used in the controlled demolition that brought down the towers.
Science: Some Truthers claim that pulverized dust found by some New Yorkers after the attack contained the checmical signature of thermite. Scientists assert that even if this dust did contain thermite, it would be impossible to determine whether the thermite came from a controlled demolition or simply from the melting of the airplanes. EMRTC designed an experiment to see if thermite was a plausible option in the collapse of the towers. The thermite in the test was not even able to melt a column much smaller than those in the World Trade Center.


Official Story: Hijackers caused a commercial airplane to crash into the building.
Testing the Official Story: Purdue University created a visual simulation of the crash, which indicated the victims’ bodies would have been pushed forward in relation to one another, just as they were in the actual attack. To further investigate, EMRTC launched a projectile into a simulated structure. They did not include wings in the projectile model because Purdue asserted they were of little consequence as the Pentagon was so heavily reinforced. The experiment created a hole in the structure the approximate size of the projectile - similar to photo evidence from the actual attack.

Conspiracy: The Pentagon was either bombed or hit by a missile.
Science: EMRTC also planted an explosive in the same model structure and compared the results to photos of the Pentagon after the crash. The explosive test demonstrated a different sort of damage. The structure blew out from the point of the explosion, causing complete destruction of floors and walls. This dispersed debris did not match the photo evidence.

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American Conspiracy X

Recently, Delaware Republican Congressman Mike Castle was leading a town meeting on health care reform, when he was confronted by an impassioned woman waving a small American flag with one hand and with the other, clutching a plastic bag containing what she said was her own birth certificate. In a moment captured in a YouTube video, she insisted on switching to a different topic: her belief that Castle and other members of Congress were complicit in a conspiracy to conceal that President Barack Obama actually is ineligible to serve in the nation’s highest office. “I want to know why are you people ignoring his birth certificate,” she screeched. “He is not an American citizen. He is a citizen of Kenya... I don’t want this flag to change. I want my country back!”

“If you’re referring to the President there, he’s a citizen of the United States,” the Congressman, his voice quavering with obvious discomfort, tried to reassure the audience. But the response—a cacophony of hoots and catcalls—suggested that many of them also were confirmed “Birthers,” as believers that Obama is secretly a non-citizen are called. It is a notion that was long ago conclusively disproven; state officials in Hawaii have verified that Obama’s 1961 birth certificate is genuine, and investigators from, a web site published by the University of Pennsylvania’s non-partisan Annenberg Public Policy Center, examined the actual document and posted high-resolution images of it to show that it had an authentic seal and signature. None of that seems to have convinced the 11 percent of Americans who subscribe to the theory, according to a recent poll. In calls to radio talk shows, postings on myriad web sites and interviews with reporters, Birthers weave increasingly convoluted tales of a conspiracy involving forged documents and 39 bogus Social Security numbers to which Obama allegedly is linked. “The biggest political cover up in American history is taking place right before our eyes,” breathlessly proclaims one Birther blog. But it gets worse. That alleged cover-up may only be in furtherance of an even darker alleged conspiracy—an Obama plan to create a new civilian national security force that the foreign usurper would use to crush dissent.

Credit: Bonzo McGrue
One of many so-called "birther" protesters, who believe that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

But Birthers are only the latest group to engage in what has become a time-honored American tradition: the espousing of conspiracy theories. Virtually since the inception of the republic, its citizens have eagerly envisioned dark cabals and cover-ups of heinous crimes by powerful figures both inside and outside the government, at various times in league with secret organizations, foreign governments, religious and ethnic groups with nefarious hidden agendas, and perhaps even space aliens. But in recent years—particularly since the advent of the Internet, which has made it easy for virtually anyone with a suspicion not only to research and publicize it, but to recruit a cadre of like-minded individuals in distant towns and cities—the conspiracy theory subculture has proliferated like a viral epidemic. Conspiracy theorists have fought to write their own, alternative versions of American history, one in which some of the most significant events have been concealed by government duplicity, while others, such as the 1969 Moon landing, actually were elaborate deceptions. Collectively, their accusations form a meta-narrative in which official sources cannot be trusted, and in which nothing ever seems to happen by chance. And while it’s tempting to dismiss conspiracy theorists as preposterous, it’s hard to deny the extent of conspiracism’s influence on American popular culture, as indicated by the sizeable genre of Hollywood conspiracy movies such as JFK, Wag the Dog and Conspiracy Theory, TV shows such as "The X-Files" and "Fringe," and the runaway success of Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code, which explores a fictional conspiracy within the Roman Catholic Church.

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