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Arturo Gatti murder or suicide?

The wife of Arturo Gatti(Amanda Rodrigues) was released from jail after she was cleared of accusation of murder on her former husband, her alibi? her lawer claimed she was too weak to kill her husband and couldnt have done it.....

The brazilian police have been very quick in their investigation and no question have been asked to the family of the former champion.

Tough Amanda Rodrigues have giving contradictory testimony on this mysterious death she was still cleared of any charges against her.

The family of the deceased and his personal friend have said that he couldnt never have done suicide, he had tons of plans for his retreat, he was a fighter and couldnt have done suicide.They still suspect her wife killed him for some dark motive ,like everyone believe in canada.

The real story is that Amanda Rodrigues was in love with someone else and wanted as much money as she could, in may she tried to accused him of sexual assault but he was cleared because she didnt had any proof (not even a bruise)murder disguise as a suicide was her only option.

As a personal opinion i think that women is a money-whore, in the picture from her release from jail, its almost like she laugh at the justice system, she had a big smile in her face even tough she passed 1 week in jail and her husband his dead, and above all she is still the principal suspect in this case.

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Added: Aug-1-2009 
By: Daveyjones
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