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British Columbia winter resort slaughters 100 sled dogs because of slumping tourism

I don't know how to save videos from news websites, but here's a link to one:


The man responsible for the "execution-style" cull of 100 sled dogs that were no longer of use to the Whistler-based Outdoor Adventures "due to a slow winter" season had known a lot of the dogs and was traumatized so much by the slaughter he now suffers from nightmares, panic attacks and depression, according to a confidential workers compensation review decision obtained by the Vancouver Sun.

The man, who was not named in the document, said he had raised many of the 300 dogs owned by his employer and in fact had named many of them. But over a two day period in late April, 2010 he agree to carry out the orders from his employer to euthanize some of them because part of his job duties "included herd control." But what made it difficult for him this time was the large number of animals involved. [...]

On April 21 he had put down about 55 dogs and by the end of the day the dogs were so panicked they were biting him and he had to wrap his arms in foam to prevent injury.

"He also had to perform what he described as "execution style" killings where he wrestled the dogs to the ground and stood on them with one foot to shoot them. The last few kills were "multiple-shot" killings as he was simply unable to get a clean shot. He described a guttural sound he had never heard before from the dogs and fear in their eyes."

The killings on April 23 were described as "worse" than the previous time because the herd's fear and anxiety began almost immediately. On that day the first significant killing happened to a dog named Nora, who he had shot 20 minutes earlier and put into the mass grave. He noticed her crawling around amidst the 10 or so bodies already there so had to climb down into the grave and "put her out of her misery."

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