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'God told me to do it', Albanian immigrant pleads guilty to hacking off his manager's head with a cheese knife: Sunny Oxfordshire

An Albanian immigrant who hacked a restaurant manager’s head off with a cheese knife was allowed to move to Britain despite five years of violent and psychotic behaviour in Europe.Jonathan Limani, a paranoid schizophrenic described as a ‘highly dangerous individual’, had been sectioned twice and was being investigated for assault when he was allowed to move to England.

The family of his victim, Chris Varian, yesterday said authorities had made a ‘catalogue of errors’ in letting Limani move from Sweden to become a waiter at the four-star The Oxfordshire in Thame.

Limani, 34, denied murder but pleaded guilty to manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility at Oxford Crown Court yesterday.

Limani – who had been working at the hotel for only a fortnight – killed his boss because the ‘voice of God’ had told him to, a psychiatrist told the court.

Mr Varian, then 32, had gone for a break to the smoking area. Limani took a cheese knife, followed him out and stabbed him before sawing his head off. Alan Blake, prosecuting, said kitchen porter Guy Hathaway-Pearce saw ‘the defendant kneeling on the ground holding Mr Varian’s neck’. Mr Varian was unconscious and Limani looked ‘transfixed’.

The decapitation had taken a ‘certain degree of time and energy’, according to the post mortem.

Limani pleaded guilty to manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility, with the prosecution accepting he was suffering from an abnormality of mind at the time of the killing.

Limani had been sectioned twice and diagnosed with psychosis in Sweden and Switzerland. He was taking medication erratically. He served a year in prison in Switzerland for heroin trafficking in 2004. He was under investigation for assault in Sweden – where he claimed asylum – when he moved to Britain.

After his arrest here, he was detained in Broadmoor and diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and a personality disorder.

Yesterday, Mr Varian’s father Nigel said his son’s death was ‘macabre’ and his family suffered ‘daily torture’. He demanded to know why the killer was allowed into the country.

Before he can go to jail, Limani will be sent to a secure hospital for further psychiatric treatment. Should his mental health improve he will go to jail to serve his sentence.

The Home Office said Limani was not on its warning list when he was allowed to move to Britain.

Police officers discovered Mr Varian's body at a loading area at the rear of the £6million golf club, where Limani lived on site.

Limani was detained at the scene.

Limani, who had only been in the country for three weeks before butchering Mr Varian, was a known psychotic, having twice been detained for mental health problems in Sweden.

Less than a month before coming to the UK, the lunatic killer had allegedly tried to wrestle a handgun from a police officer as he was arrested over an assault.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Tolmie said: 'Thames Valley Police has a duty to thoroughly investigate all incidents of this nature and present the facts together with the Crown Prosecution Service to a court.

'Every murder is by its very nature traumatic and very emotional for the family and friends involved but this particular case is horrific due to the level of injuries inflicted.

'This may be the end of the judicial chapter but as far as the family are concerned, their pain and loss will always remain. My thoughts continue to be with them at this very difficult time.'

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